Alexander Anderson vs Hidan

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A battle between two psycho Priests 
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Anderson wins, hes faster, stronger, got more tricks and attacks to pull etc
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Hidan's f*cked
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 Anderson is able to throw bayonetts so fast that even nazi vampires who are casual bullet timers cant avoid them. His regen will make him impossible for hidan to put down, and he is physically stronger  hidan as shown when anderson was trading blows with alucard. All anderson has to do is behead hidan and its over. Also, there is no possiblility of knocking out anderson due to the fact that he was tanking punches from alucard. Alucard is dracula, who was described in bram stokers novel as being as strong as 20 men and that was before alucard was enhanced by the hellsing families experiments. Aderson takes this handily

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