Akuma Shogun vs Kenshiro

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Akuma Shogun

A few important details before this debate is started:
  1. Akuma Shogun is not flesh and blood. He is a sentient relic made from the remains of a god, possessing immense magical powers including (but not limited to) the ability to change landscapes, instantly transmit a person or groups of people from one place to another, absorb several powerful demons, and even shift from one shape to another. 
  2. The only weak spot on him is the crown of his head. It is the only place on his body that he reacted with pain once it was struck with attacks such as the Kinniku Driver and Hurricane Mixer. Any other part of his body is relatively useless to him and can be replaced once it is destroyed.
  3. His blades are capable of slashing through solid steel. (Robin Mask usually wears sapphire armor, but for the occasion of fighting Akuma Shogun's demon choujin, he wore steel). 
  4. Akuma Shogun is also capable of resurrection. This is applied to others, and I'm not sure if he can rise from the dead himself. He resurrected Junkman, Sneagator, and Sunshine (who were killed by Robin Mask, Kinnikuman, and Geronimo).
  5. His Nine Point Hell Seal is designed to tear a choujin apart at the seams. Since choujin are capable of superhuman feats such as stopping trains, flying, lifting enormous weights, and growing to the size of Kaiju, I'm compelled to believe this combination of attacks is on-par with several of Kenshiro's stronger sets of Fist techniques.
And before anyone doubts the feats pointed out above, you can search videos of Terryman stopping the train, a group of choujin flying off into the sunset, Terryman (again) lifting villains such as The Mountain and King 100 Ton, and Kinnikuman fighting monsters the size of skyscrapers.
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Its close but I think Kenshiro should Win here, his speed give him the edge. Since Akuma has a weakness on the crown of his head Kenshiro's Mountain splitting  wave chop( I forget the Japanese Name lol) at that spot would KO him instantly.
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The Shogun
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Akuma Shogun, but on another note, he could defeat my if i fot him alown, damn!!!!!!!
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SHogun rape. Why post this spite thread?
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