Akatsuki vs Organization XIII

Topic started by Dream on July 3, 2009. Last post by solesamurai 1 year, 7 months ago.
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@lordhaseo said:
"damn this is a good as battle as goku vs superman!!!!! "

agean this is going to be one hell of a battle to bad theres no vid showing the 2 face off!!!
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the zombie brothers take out half of em, and itachi turns the rest into bobble heads.
sorry! but the organization is not on a high enough level.
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Not if the three don't have much space to move around in when Xigbar manipulates the battle environment so all of Akatsuki is standing on a small ledge and getting turned into playing cards by Luxord.
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well, ya. wait, no one can change the environment? well, he did, but it was the building they were in that did it, not his powers. and as for the card thing, that only seems to work when your either hit or unaware of whats going on, not sure still figuring it out.
i like the organization, i think roxas can take out about 2-3 specific akatsuki members, but i still think akatsuki wins.
r u a kingdom hearts fan?
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@Sinister_Noob: I'm a fan, yes. But not letting my fandom get the better of me. If Organization 13 were up against folks from Bleach and DBZ, I would agree that the Organization would be massacred since characters from those two series can react quicker than any chance the Organization has at preparing an attack, as well as having abilities to float in midair and having super strength. Heck, DBZ characters can wipe out planets. But in terms of the ability game, many Akatsuki members are left confined to the ground with Deidara (who I was dumb enough to leave out of this match since I just remembered him) and Konan being the only Organization members capable of flight through their unique jutsus. But those two can be quickly dispatched from flight with an elemental ability from Axel (fire), Demyx (water), and/ or Larxene (lightning). With many Organization members being capable of flight and a few with the power to manipulate the physics of the battlefield, I can't see Akatsuki walking away from this battle.
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well, thats your opinion. im a fan too, but im more familiar with akatsuki, plus it seems they can endure more than the organizations.
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I'm rebumping this thread, can't believe anyone would think akatsuki stomp at all. Pretty much everyone on the organization is hax as all hell. Cigbar for instance ues spacial control, he could literally lock anyone on the akatsuki down in one area, and kill them quite easily. Luxord can control time, and doesn't even take damage, he has this ability where physical damage is translated into a sort of "time graph" so all the damage he takes is relayed into his time graph and just depletes that, meaning durability and endurance aren't even a factor for him. How anyone thinks this is a stomp means they have obviously never played kingdom hearts ore are biased.

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