Akainu and Aokiji vs Madara and Hashirama

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Battle to either Death, KO, or Incapacitation, NO BFR !

Ok changing rules... No Intangibility for team 1, no edo for team 2 so that its fair...

Who Wins ???

Post by TheNeutralOne (1,016 posts) See mini bio Level 10

intangibility on lol no contest they can keep going until they get tired and even then they can rest and not be hurt. They will keep stomping team 2 pretty hard given that neither of them are immune to being over heated or super freezed on top of the fact that team 1 will literally be unable to be injured. With intangibility off they will get tired and eventually have to be killed lol.

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@TheNeutralOne: Ok Lol I took away Intangibility and Edo so that its fair for both teams in this scenario who wins ???

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Well, Madara and Hashi screw Team 1 over in both rounds.

Post by TheNeutralOne (1,016 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@5th: I highly doubt it. Madara and Hashirama are tissue paper to akainu and aokiji. What exactly can aokiji not freeze and what can akainu not just burn ? If they land any single hit on them its game over. Akainu can just spam his ryuusei kazan and make it rain meteors and it would be ineffective if it wasnt for the fact that if they try to get close to him aokiji can just freeze them which will kill them lol.

Post by 5th (1,508 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@TheNeutralOne: Madara Perfect Susano'o blows them in one hit, without intangibility they're sitting ducks to Hashirama and Madara who're both more powerful in terms of raw power.

Madara and Hashirama's powers are too overwhelming... Hashirama could turn their surroundings into a battlefield, and what's going to stop him from poisoning Team 1 with pollen? Show me a feat of Aokiji freezing something at a molecular level?

Also, Madara's imperfect Susano'o was capable of resisting Lava from the Godaime Mizukage! Not just that but with his Perfect Susano'o he could quickly slice mountains from a single swing.

Team 1 doesn't stand a chance.

Post by TheNeutralOne (1,016 posts) See mini bio Level 10

@5th: Lol resisting lava from someone that akainu could stomp in one hit is not much of a feat. Also the admirals possess armament haki which will be a form of defense against the susanoo. Tell me again what stops the susanoo from being frozen along with madara?

Also what do you mean by freezing something on a molecular level?You do know that his body cells are completely compromised of molecules that are infused with his devil fruit power which turns the entirety of his body into ice. Hence why when he breaks he comes back.Pollen? lol aokiji has been shown to completely freeze his surroundings. In cold weather pollen either dies or goes dormant. Not to mention the fact akainu's lava is so hot it permanent set a part of an ocean on fire. I don't see the mizukage doing anything on that level lol so why did you bring her up?

And what is this about sitting ducks? They did not become admirals by just standing around and being handed it. They are actual fighters who with haki would seriously just 1 hit hashirama and madara who have no real defensive feats other than their jutsu that can be penetrated with intense lava or completely frozen with extreme cold.

Akainu gets to spamming his ryuusei kazan and it just starts raining endless massive lava fists reinforced with his haki while he is protected by someone that can freeze ANYTHING.

Round 1 is a complete stomp in team 1's favor so i know you aren't even arguing that.

The only thing I can see happening in round 2 that can stop them is if hashirama and madara somehow develop immunity to subzero temperatures/body vaporizing temperatures. You can argue for amaterasu but Aokiji can just ice himself and akainu's natural devil fruit properties allow him to not feel that weak flame lol. Speedblitz? Can't happen as the admirals superior defense and close range 1 hit would destroy madara and hashirama. The admirals dominate in this match~ I just wish i could see what hashirama's giant statue can do lol that is all i am waiting for in naruto.

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well the admirals might win after a great epic batlle

Post by ALMIGHTY (799 posts) See mini bio Level 9

@othus12: Exactly My Thoughts... Not sure who would win but this would be one HELL of a fight...

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The admirals should honestly be able to speedblitz here...

Even if you took their speed and intangibility away their durability is insane, Akainu himself took island splitting punches. Able to fight for 10 days on end, Akainu's magma was hot enough to light the ocean on fire for 2 years straight, so I really don't think wood is gonna be a factor here on Aokiji even, especially not Akainu. In Akainu's case he has the power to paste either one of them to a wall with one Dai Funka, let alone his Dai Funka barrage, Aokiji is able to instantly freeze an entire area in an instant as seen in the latest chapters, if Madara goes suicidal and decides to use a meteor or w/e Akainu can melt through bedrock like a hot knife through butter, they can escape underground easy, or you know, use their insane speed to just escape it, Aokiji would probably freeze the thing and have Akainu blow it up

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