Aizen's army vs Madara's army

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I'm not going to start an argument here with you, because it would result in a long drawn out discussion such as the one I had above... but I will tell you this, you're not looking at the bleach sides abilities. When you make comparisons, look at both sides powers.

Oh, and Madara's sharingon can see through genjutsu, but what Aizen uses isn't genjutsu. Genjutsu is the manipulation of chakra in the brain, Aizen just puts you under permanent hypnosis. And because Bleach characters have no chakra network, Genjutsu wouldn't work on them, UNLESS the people debating decided to take away some of bleach's powers, as we ^^^ did earlier in this dicussion. You know, like Yammy's Gonzui which would allow him to suck up all their souls, and reiatsu crush, so we still had to go easy on the Naruto side.

In other words, look at both sides with a fair eye. ;)

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Juubi solos, kyuubi he can slice oceans move mountains yet kyuubi's strongest attack had no effect on juubi.

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Seriously, if you include Juubi it's a royal stomp, nothing in Bleach verse can do anything about it.

With Edo Madara and Edo army, Madara should win mid difficulty at best.

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Incredible.. Reading through this I can clearly see that some people don't know what their talking about lol

Do some of you even read the two mangas? If you did you would delete some of the comments posted.

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