Aizen vs Tsuna

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Stage: Vegetable Sky

in character

start 10 meters away.

strongest versions

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Probably Aizen. There should be a limit to his regen/immortality, but destructively Tsuna isn't above Ichigo. He is faster than Aizen but his blitz level attacks wouldn't harm him to any notable extent. Zero point breakthrough could work, but it takes time. Even psuedo blackholes could work in theory but Aizen can avoid them if not by speed which shouldn't be enough, then by teleportation. KS in turn shouldn't work on Tsuna. The problem is that Aizen has a clear defensive advantage. Over Tsuna. He can outlast Tsuna and in the mean time none of Tauna's attacks should permanently put him down if at all. Not an easy battle either way though.
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@taichokage: wait why doesn't ks work

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So by strongest versions, do we mean Monster Aizen during the start of the match? I ask because I see the mid-tier Aizen pictured.

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Tsuna has lenses that allow him to see through illusions.
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Monster Aizen takes it most likely.

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I agree. Btw I'll admit GenerVan that Madara is looking like the strongest HST character seen, BUT, I have faith Bleach will win the war ultimately!
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@taichokage: You mean Juubidara/Juudara? Yes. And if you thought Juubito was strong, Juudara is going to be so strong. Basically "base" Madara is way past "base" (by base I mean without the Juubi's power) Obito. Besides Kamui, Madara is > than him in every single way. Now imagine Madara, who imo is close to Sensui is strength who I explained would wreak massive havoc on Bleach (either that or just bullying Ginjo for being a complete ripoff of him which is something that most people would agree with me on, yeah I'm not really a Ginjo fan plus I think he is lucky if he can beat Grimmjow in a fight), with the Juubi's power. AND he's an Edo. BUT, Bleach is getting powered up too. Not Juubi level, but still. Take that same logic I had in regards to Madara and Obito. Now take that logic and apply it to Ichigo and Renji/Rukia. Throughout the series (since Ichigo fought Byakuya and Kenpachi) Ichigo has been immensely stronger than both Renji and Rukia. Now look at those two now. I could only imagine what Ichigo is going to be like. BUT, another thing is whether Ichigo is going to be as strong or stronger than in his Dangai state or even his H2 state (although I think he is way stronger than his H2 form). Because I will always believe Aizen > Juha Bach (mainly due to preference and plus Aizen grew on me a lot and the fact that he is a major troll, which Juha Bach himself can agree with me, and he is just a likable villain). Also Rukia and As Nodt should continue fighting because someone who beat Byakuya getting beat so easily by Rukia, regardless of Zero Division training IF she surpassed Byakuya it shouldn't be large because come on, it's Byakuya we are talking about, is a little bull imo. If she does win it should be like against Aaroniero where she barely managed to pull it off because As Nodt is one of the stronger SR. Also how much stronger are the SR compared to the Espada because I personally think R2 Ulquiorra can take someone of Mask's caliber with high-extreme difficulty. So we will have to wait and see. Man but both mangas are kicking ass lately! Sorry for the long post lol but I have always been excited for Bleach and Naruto but man they are taking things to a whole new level of excitement, action, and overall awesome storytelling.

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Juubidara/Juudara? I think MadaJuubi/Juubimada sounds cooler

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Aizen gets frozen.
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I like Tsuna more and with ultimate dying will mode he should be able to react to and counter any sort of physical cqc attack Aizen throws at him. With the Oath Flame he'd be able to manipulate the terrain around them and could possible be able to create a pseudo black hole and suck aizen into one.

So I'm going with vongola decimo on this one

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Aizen can teleport. He should be able to avoid the psuedo black holes. Also zero point breakthrough takes time and requires Tauna to be close. He'd get a Fragor in the face long before he could freeze Aizen
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Aizen should win. 
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Actually, I would give this one to Tsuna. Aizen is bound to underestimate Tsuna like he did with Ichigo, which would give Tsuna enough time to either use a Zero Point Breakthrough, or charge up an X-Burner. Though that is if Aizen is in character, if he is bloodlusted he might have a chance to defeat Tsuna.

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@taichokage: IC Aizen only used teleportation once and he will be beaten long before a fragor. He can at least incapacitate him with a x burner then finish the job with zero point breakthrough.
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He used it twice actually. Also in character, Aizen doesn't deliberately tank attacks even if he can survive them. Sure Tsuna is faster than Aizen but his attacks not necessarily. He could use Kurohitsugi as well and there's no outrunning it since it forms on all sides. And Tsuna doesn't have the strength or durability feats to suggest he could tank it. That aside its questionable if Aizen would get hit by an x burner that's powerful enough to incapacitate him. The stronger blasts also take a bit of time.
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@taichokage: Aizen really likes to underestimate enemies, even if he doesn't know what they can do. He had never seen Shinji's shikai, but he just stood there and let him spread the Inverted World gas. He also allowed Soi Fon to hit him with her shikai twice, even though he had already seen it. Tsuna doesn't have any spiritual energy, so Aizen can't judge him like he tried to do with Dangai Ichigo, so he is bound to underestimate him like he did with Shinji. That would give Tsuna enough time to charge up an X Burner or a Zero Point Breakthrough.

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With verse equalization their energies should be compatible with one another like sensing I would think. Otherwise Tsuna couldn't handle the reiatsu to begin with. But I can't deny Aizen's in-character jobbing. He took Yamamoto seriously though because he knew his strength. If he can't sense Tsuna then he would be cocky.
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Tsuna would smash Aizen into the ground. He isn't faster than Aizen, he's massively faster. He was able to react to Jaegar and Bermuda warping around him, and he wasn't even in his strongest form. The only chance Aizen stands is to catch him using Kido.

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His strikes are not nearly strong enough for that. Even in his Final Dying Will Form, just look at the effects. Chrysalis Aizen tanked far worse from the likes of Yoruichi and Isshin before becoming full Hougyoku. Despite his speed, he isn't close to being strong enough to overpower Aizen physically.The only things that could work are zero point breakthrough (takes too much time) and the psuedo black holes (avoidable via teleportation).
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