Abyssal Ones vs Abyssal Ones

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The battle takes place in a wide open field and the contestants start equal distances from each other (500 yards).

Round 1: It will be the Original Three vs New Three. Its a team match up to determine which posse is the strongest, and coolest!

Round 2: A free for all match, anything goes, fight to the death, who is the best of the number 1s?

The contestants are:

Classic Abyssal Ones (Riful, Luciela, and Isley)

Neo Abyssal Ones (Cassandra, Roxanne, and Hysteria)

All combatants start off in human form.

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@OmgOmgWtfWtf said:

Who is the best of the number 1s?

The best number one? Teresa of course.

Ok now seriously. I'd give round 1 to the original Abyssal Ones, Roxanne and Hysteria did not impress me at all and Cassandra just lacks some really solid feats. While i could say the same about Luciela, her other teammates Isley and Riful have more than enough to make up for it.

As for scenario 2, without any doubt Isley, the guy is a monster when compared to the others.

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