3rd Raikage,Killer Bee and 4th RaikageVs Current Luffy,Zoro,Sanji

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@othus12: Doubt it. This is a guy who fought Gyuki to a stalemate surviving most of his attacks including the Bijuu Bomb, in fact the only reason he's ever been hurt was because he and Gyuuki passed out with both of their attacks active and he fell on his thus resulting in the lightning shaped scar

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@redbird3rdboywonder: maybe not penetrated but how about getting crushed by elephant gatling or the internal damage of red hawk??? or are you saying he can take those? i dont think so because elephant gatling would even hurt ten tails anyway lets not get out of topic i do think diable jambe and red hawk which bypass armor should do the trick since it clearly shows that his inner organs werent protected.

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@katanalauncher said:

@othus12 said:

@katanalauncher: lol not in a million years, he gets shi-shishi son son to the face

Hachibi can spam mountain buster bombs, he also have duaribility to survive his own bomb unscartched.

He is faster or atleast as fast as gear luffy, really One piece team don't have a chance with him.

WHAT ???? BASE Luffy is faster than ANYONE in Naruto, he is massively Hypersonic Plus he out ran an explosion for christ sake...

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@othus12: I doubt he'll get crushed to it protects him everything except his own attack and the attack in question to specify is a technique in which he points you die and where did it show clearly that his internal organs weren't protected?

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