3 admirals vs juubito

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@TheNeutralOne: Because he's light and light is energy

Doesn't prove anything, doesn't prove they can regenerate from molecular damage at all, Akoji opened his chest because Haki nullifies their Logia ability, Molecular Damage is dissipating your molecules into particles (dust.)

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@SpeedForceSpider: I have to severely disagree with you on this, Bleach in all it's over-the-top action sequences that cloud together in a last attempt to create a passable ending hasn't failed, rather you have to look past it's misconstruance and see that Kubo has made a faint attempt to piece together a backstory for Ichigo, to further bleach in it entirety, although it does seem that in all his bulled headed fantasies of how Bleach should end you can see that he is mashing together and further damaging the story, But he is still trying.

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@Ikki_Minami_: Not talking about the action sequences. I am talking more about making Ichigo a visord/soul reaper/fullbringer/human/quincy for no good reason. The plot is going nowhere and its gotten way to predictable. Don't get me wrong, before the fullbringer arc Bleach was the best in the HST IMHO. But hey to each his own.

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Besides the So6P and probably Prime Juubi, Juubito solos the HST. With just the 3 admirals he doesn't need Kamui. He simply needs to flick his wrist and bye bye One Piece verse.
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in till i see logia recover from molecular level attacks and soul suck i'll give this to juubito but i have faith that one piece is going to get stronger 
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@5th: I don't know if you realized but by opening a hole in your stomach you actively control the molecules in your body and tell them what to do.

Molecular damage has been shown when akainu lost half of his body. The molecules in that part of his body were non existent and he simply regenerated new ones. Do you understand what molecules actually are ? Because i get the impression you think of them as a seperate entity from the body but in actuality are body is built up of molecules and when we lose our hands or feet we have just lost a large number of molecules and atoms. In actuality reproducing parts of your body from nothing is control on an atomic level.

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I actually think Bleach is doing better than Naruto right now in terms of quality of story, not so much over One Piece though. In the last year and couple months, Kubo revealed major aspects of Ichigo's and indirectly Uryuu's past history and dedicated half a dozen or so chapters solely on his parents and Aizen (kinda like the Minato flashback), he provided multiple notable deaths and revealed most of the characters we were waiting to see such as nearly all the Quincy of note and the Royal Guard. And a great many characters had further development NOT just Ichigo and his immediate friends as in all past arcs and frankly, that was done better than Naruto IMO because Kishimoto forgot like half the Konoha 11 and Sensei. Kubo hasn't really forgotten anyone of note and the Final War is only in it's opening vs Naruto which is near its climax.
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@TheNeutralOne: I think you don't have any general knowledge on genetics but if the Admirals did have the ability to manipulate their molecules then they'd be capable of not only turning into another element but as well as changing their organs, etc. Akoji's feat was done because of his ability to manipulate his ice-like physiology. And having half your body destroyed does not mean your molecules were destroyed... You haven't even stated on how Akainu's body was torn or destroyed, neither have you implied that whoever destroyed his body had molecular destruction.

Molecular destruction ignores conventional durability and aims for the molecules, Onoki has the ability to turn whatever touching his Jinton into dust (particles) by dissipating the molecules into said person or thing.

Also, you're plainly going off speculation. Was Akainu's other half completely obliterated from something capable of atomic destruction or nigh? Or did you merely assume because it looked like it? Like I said, you're making up words from speculation.

Regenerating from your molecules would put you on the same level of Cell (DBZ) in terms of regenerating, regenerating from absolutely nothing, that's something neither of the Admirals have shown.

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i dont think juubito could solo the HST. there is just too many strong people.

IF juubito wins on the end the yeah he has a shot at soloing the HST. but that would be a little depressing after all the nakama speech naruto gave.

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Obito is too much for them.

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