3 admirals vs juubito

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fight in character

intangibility on.

can 3 admirals take down the strongest character of the HST?

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Juubito solos HST

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Pretty much...also if the hype about the original Sage of Six paths is true he may be able to destroy the moon, Naruto's power has gone up considerably, I remember when people thought it was the weakest verse in the HST, things have changed so much since then

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I think it could go either way. The biggest factor for the Admirals is Kizaru as well as the sheer stamina of the Admirals. The biggest obstacle for the Admirals is Obito's durability (Never thought I'd say that about a Naruto character, but him being the strongest makes sense I guess). He may not have haki so damaging them would take extra effort and power, but similarly they don't have senjutsu so while he can be damaged, a high level of attack is needed plus he can regenerate to some degree. The logia intangibility will keep the admirals in the fight, but I might lean towards Obito. But I need to see what ultimately takes him down. It may or may not be more than what the Admirals combined can dish out. I guess in short....I don't know..........could go either way I think but again leaning towards Obito.
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Juubito should win fairly easily.
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Wait a minute, Juubito is strong but he isn't soloing anything. He can't solo the HST. He hasn't even succeeded in soloing his own world. Let's see him outsmart Madara first then he might have credence to soloing 1/3 of the HST. Even then not all 3. Jubito may be the strongest character in the HST (BIG maybe) and they might have good top tiers but Naruto world is the weakest of the 3 on average.
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Kizaru is the only one surviving because he's made of light while the other Admirals are made of practical elements like earth (magma) and water (Ice), Juubito could one shot the both of them.

And for Kizaru, I don't think he has any attacks that would hurt Juubito considering Juubito has taken Four Bijuu Dama's at close range, his own Jinton (Particle Style), and even a rasengan from the combined efforts of BM/Sage Naruto and BM Minato, also, Juubito has also tagged Minato whilst he was teleporting via Hirashin (Note: No one in the series has ever tagged Minato until now.)

So yeah, Juubito pretty much takes this with low difficulty since the Admirals have no conventional means of hurting Juubito... And if it's necessary Juubito could simply use the Bijuu's last form to control the Captains with Tsuki no Me. (Depending on the setting of course, highly doubt the Captains have chakra unless we're equalizing both verses energies.)

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Ehh, I have my doubt the final form would be allowed to bloom. That would be a giant target just waiting to be frozen by Aokiji. Not saying that would make the Admirals win though.
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Lol the main reason Juubito isn't soloing his verse is due to PIS. He doesn't need ridiculous feats like that to defeat the likes of the admirals anyway. And Madara is a special case, he is dangerous In his own right. From what it looks like, he did a lot of planning ahead so hardly anything Juubito is doing is going to faze him at this point. There really shouldn't be any doubt about Juubito being the strongest currently. Naruto's fodder maybe the weakest on average. But their top tiers certainly aren't.
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Yeah, everything you said is true. It is partly PIS. It's Kishimoto's tremendously obvious attempt to stretch out as many chapters as possible since the ending of Naruto is fast approaching. The only guys in his own world close to him are Madara and Hashirama, the former of whom is on the same side essentially.
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@taichokage: I have to agree with what you said. Kishimoto looks to be bringing closer to the series sooner than expected. It would make more sense for Juubito and/or Madara to win rather than PIS.

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I would gain a tremendous amount of respect for Naruto instantly if that happened. Even if they lost but still caused mass casualties I'd be ok with it.
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My problem is wtf Kishimoto going to do with Juubito? He's rushing things too fast and keeps ass-pulling from every chapter with the Juubi, it's sorta like: "Lol Antagonist win!"

Naruto and the Five Great Nation Armies have done nothing but buy time from Juubito, it's sorta like everyone's efforts are being put into vain and Kishi is just showcasing Juubito and Madara.

Quite frankly, I don't see how the hell Naruto or Sasuke are going to save the day.

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I agree 5th. It wouldn't make sense of them to win now. They are simply avoiding the inevitable it seems.
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As you all over look the fact that the juubi was originally sealed and can be sealed again.

Also just a random thought here but wouldn't the best way to avoid madara's plan be to eat the fruit? Isn't that what the sage of six paths mother did? And how did she get to it without dying so horribly?

If they ate the fruit the plan is finished and all they'd have to worry about is the juubi.

Also just because kizaru is the only energy based logia does not mean the others intangibility are weaker. All logia get the same passive intangibility with the same regeneration and if they are allowed intangibility in this fight that would be stupid.

If anyone has the ability to beat juubito it would be in fact this trio considering senjutsu is nature powers not chakra.(which considering the story the sage of six paths would have had to created to defeat the juubi)

Aokiji could flash freeze him, Akainu can melt him and kizaru isn't even being touched. Now if intangibility is off lol they all die.

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Oh no. You bring up a valid point. What if Kishimoto did that mini history of the Sage just so that Naruto or someone else can pull a major PIS upgrade on the spot? If the fruit does blossom, we'll know exactly what comes next. Oh man, such a twist would be interesting but a massive PIS moment of tremendous proportions.
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@TheNeutralOne: Highly doubt that because

The Admirals besides Kizaru because he's energy have not shown the regenerative capacity to regenerate from molecular damage, Juubito could one shot either of the two.

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@taichokage: Agreed. Naruto still has a lot of potential to be good to the end. I kinda lost hope of Bleach after the last few chapters.

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Aokiji casually opened a hole in his chest to avoid being haki stabbed and akainu lost half of his body and simply regenerated it.

What has kizaru done that has made you think his regeneration is so much above other logia's? They all have the same passive regeneration you know.

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