23rd Budokai Piccolo Vs Yomi

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I meant for determining feats. If you want to know which character is stronger than another, they're fine. But people only a few percentage points apart are sometimes equally matched and other times completely different. They just don't correlate to feats.

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@BloodSprinkles said:

23rd Budokai Piccolo: Around 334

BoZ Piccolo (which includes the part where he blew up the moon): 408

That literally tells us nothing, other than the fact that 23rd Budokai Piccolo is inferior to the Piccolo post-Radditz fight.

You do realize that you don't scale downwards when there's actually a hundred-digit place difference, right?

Not to mention it's well-established several times throughout the SS arc that Z fighters can considerable raise their PLs at the drop of a head. Hell, Piccolo's PL jumped by 80 just by removing his clothes and getting into a bloodlusted state. An emotionally alert Piccolo who was anxiously worried that the moon may trigger Gohan to evolve into a Saiyan ape-shit gorilla that can threaten the world would receive a significantly greater jump in PL level.

So yeah, the scaling-down business isn't a very shaky and unreliable case here.

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@GalaxianExplosion05: I can show you feats on early kid goku being hypersonic and then surpassing everyone else who was at least that same speed to the point where they cannot even perceive his movements anymore. Thats high hypersonic if not massively hypersonic. Goku obviously at the saiyan saga was still massively hypersonic but by the end of the Buu saga he is at least light speed.

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@BloodSprinkles said:

@XtremeRevolution55 said:


Piccolo was a moon buster by then.

Definitely an island buster.

Piccolo destroyed the moon only after the fight with raditz. he was much stronger at that time

Not really.

Going by power level's, (which were still reliable at the time)

23rd Budokai Piccolo: Around 334

BoZ Piccolo (which includes the part where he blew up the moon): 408

That isn't even an 100+ leap.

Also, that was with a random chi beam, Piccolo's most powerdul attack at the 23rd Budokai, the Bakurikimaha, or Explosive Demon Wave, should definitely be able to do it.

23rd Piccolo's power level was never stated.

They are also not linear at this point. For example, Piccolo Daimao is only city level but his PL was 260 according to the daizenshuu

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If this has been done before, then I'm locking it up.

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