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1.Hashirama Vs Marco, Ace & Jozu

2.Hashirama Vs Madara (Without Wood Jutsu So That Means No Rinnegan Either)

3.Hashirama Vs Whitebeard

4.Hashirama Vs Naruto(Current Stupidly Strong Version)

5.Hashirama Vs Current Kages

6.Hashirama Vs Tobi & The Tailed Beasts He Captured

7.Hashirama Vs Luffy(Post Time Skip)

8.Hashirama Vs Sasuke(Current Stupidly Strong Version Thats Somehow Going To Match Current Stupidly Strong Naruto)


-Battle In Water 7

-50 ft Apart

#Go Team Hashirama

p.s 3rd Hokage In His Prime Is Not More Powerful Than Hashirama e.g. The 2nd Strongest Ninja Ever Mwhahahaaaa But Seriously He's Not -_-

That Goes 4 Minato Too, He Would Have Gotten There Eventually But Sadly He Didnt Make It Mwhahahaaaaa


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@One_Piece_God: (-_-) lol I told you it was too early to flaunt the 'Hashirama=God' card, for the reason I gave before.

In response to some of these battles:

2. Hashirama with very high difficulty.

4. Obviously Naruto, he stomps (assuming he can't control the kyuubi).

5. Current kages without too much difficulty (though Hashirama will put up a fight).

6. Obviously Tobi, he stomps (assuming he can't control the bijuu) .

8. Hashirama with high difficulty (same as Madara fight only not quite as hard). FYI I doubt Kishi would troll to the point of making this Sasuke equal Naruto.

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1. Marco's pretty much intangible when he's in his phoenix mode and he was able to fight evenly against Kizaru who can supposedly move at light speed so I'd have to give this to Team OP. Also Ace is intangible and he's fire based which is woods natural enemy.

2. Hashirama already won this one I think.

3. This is a good match but I'd have to give it to Whitebeard. His Gura Gura no mi is far too powerful, he can effectively destroy islands at a whim. Also he's very durable as was shown at the end of the Marineford war when he finally succumbed after taking one hell of a beating, yet still stayed on his feet.

4. Hashirama should win this one because of his ability to seal tailed beasts. If he can do that then Naruto's going to struggle against Hashirama.

5. I'd have to say the current Kages would win this one, unless it's Edo Tensei Hashirama in which case he would be pretty hard to stop. I think Madara's only beating the current Kages because of his Rinnegan and immortality.

6. This one would be tricky because of Tobi's intangibility but I would like to believe that the 1st Hokage would win this one. The tailed beasts shouldn't play much of a part in this on account Hashirama's ability to seal them.

7. I think Hashirama would still win against Luffy as he is at the moment.

8. Hashirama should win this because as powerful as Sasuke is right now I refuse to believe that he is more powerful than Madara was when he fought Hashirama and we all know how that turned out.

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You Know What I just Realised.

Even Though We Don't Know The Full Details Of The Battle (But It Was Heavily Implied That It Was Only Hashirama Vs Madara).

Hashirama Was Able To Defeat EMS Madara AND A Fully Powered Kyuubi (Current Naruto Has Access To Only Half The Kyuubi's Full Power Since Half Was Sealed With Minato).

The Thing With Madara People Cant Say He Only Fought That Battle Only To Gain Access To His Cells Thats Bull Because He Could Have Won The Battle & Stilled Gained His Cells But He Simply Was Not Strong Enough To Bring Down Hashirama.

My Theory: Rikudo Sennin's Younger Son Married & Had Sexual Intercourse With The Most Beautiful Woman In All The Land Because He Is The Successor Of His Father. The Older Brother Got Jealous Used His Rinnegan To Pull Her Towards Him, Then Used The Byukkugan + Gentle Fist To Immobilze Her & Finally Cast A Powerful Sharingan Genjutsu To Make Her Believe She Was Dreaming. 2 Months Later, The Younger Brother Sensing Something Not Right With Her Touches Her Belly & Senses The Power Struggle Between The Sages "Eyes" & "Body" Within The Embryo. The Younger Brother Confronts The Older Brother, Words Were Exchanged, Then The Older Brother Laughs, Accusses His Wife Of Being A Whore & Departs. After 7 Months Of Constant Love Provided By The Couple The Baby Is Born. The Tailed Beasts Gather Around The Child, Teenage Karuma Sensing The Birth Of A Very Powerful Individual Says That His Potential Is Amazing & His Strength Will Be 2nd Only To Rikudo Sennin. The Older Brother Standing At The Door Way Is Offered To Hold The Baby By The Mother, He Takes The Child, Using His Sharingan He Realises That There Is Only A Trace Of His Chakra In The Child, The Younger Brother Sensing The Jealous Rage In His Brother Asks The Older Brother To Give My Son To Me. Huge Tree Vines Crash Through The 50 Acre Manor Towards The Older Brother In A Way That He Had No Choice But To Drop The Child To Avoid The Strikes. The Child Somehow On Reflex Sensing The Malice Manage To Access His Dorment Powers To Use In Self Defence. The Older Brother Flees. The Mother Gasps Fourtunetly The Younger Brother Saves His Son From Falling. Hashirama. The Younger Brother Looked At His Wife Bewildered As She Repeats It. Thats His Name She Says Senju, Senju Hashirama. :D

Hashirama Has Gained All The Powers Of The Sages "Body" & Has A Hint Of The Sages "Eyes" Thats Why Is So Strong & Why Madara Is Jealous & Has To Use Underhanded Techniques To Be On A Level Playing Field With Him Lol

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You defeat your own point; it's true, we don't know what happened in that fight at all. How then can you say Hashirama>Madara and Kurama?

As I have said on other threads, for all we know Hashirama took control of Kurama during that fight and it ended up being Hashirama and Kurama vs Madara. We simply don't know.

But as shown by your obvious fanlove for Hashirama, you haven't taken notice of this.

Didn't read the whole of your theory, gave up at the ridiculous Kurama bit.

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Fights as stated:

1) One Piece characters curbstomp

2)1st wins like he did in the manga

3)Whitebeard fairly easily

4)Naruto would ko him before he reacts

5)Maybe a draw against current Kages

6)Can't see him doing anything against Tobi

7) Luffy would win easily

8) He beat EMS Madara so he should beat EMS Sasuke

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@All_StarSupes: Agree with all if those with the exception of number 5, I really don't see the 1st standing up for that long against 5 kages. I find it very difficult to believe that a character who was defeated in edo form along with another kage by an old Sarutobi could stalemate this team. He could hold his own for a while perhaps, but nothing beyond that.

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Battle 1: I have to give it to team One Piece. Marco was besting Kizaru, who can move at light speed (albeit he doesn't most of the time) and he has hax regeneration, as well as flight. No jutsu would keep Marco at bay for long and he could unleash haki infused attacks against Hashirama. It is similar with Ace. He is intangible and can unleash attacks that can engulf half a small island. Then you have Jozu who is so strong and durable that no wood could contain him. In short, the 3 of them would be too much. Battle 2: he already beat Madara but without his wood idk. Battle 3: he would lose. The nature of Whitebeard's power isn't well suited for him. White beard creates pure force, in quantities large enough to tip or destroy whole islands. Strong as his defense may be, Hashirama never showed the ability to counter such an attack. Battle 4: As he already defeated a full powered Kurama, taking out Naruto who has only partly mastered Kurama's power should be no problem. Battle 5: is hard to say. Hashirama bea Madara and Madara is matching all 5 of them, but he does have the Edo tensei on his side and he has the rinnegan which he didn't have when he fought Hashirama, so it's fairly unclear whether he would win or lose. Battle 6: he should beat current Tobi. Even though Tobi essentially has the same base abilities that current Madara has, plus 7 biju, he has shown a strange degree of incompetence when fighting and though he has always won when he fought thus far one way or another, he always seems to win by the skin of his teeth and always manages to be harmed even by those notably beneath his level. Battle 7: Luffy needs to show more but I don't know that he could beat Hashirama. It's unclear at the moment. Battle 8: Hashirama wins. He already beat Madara who was experienced with the ems and had the ability to summon Kurama, while Sasuke only just achieved the level and has no summons that compare to a biju, let alone the to Biju Kurama.
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@taichokage: *sigh* You really do love Hashirama don't you...

No idea why there is so much bummage for this guy.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Until I see the fight between Madara and Hashirama, I'm going to say Madara is stronger. We have no idea what circumstances Hashirama won under. All this Hashirama hype is nonsense to me until I see the fight.


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@Newdeath: Exactly, it's ridiculous. All feats suggest that Hashirama wasn't the god many people are saying he is. Really nothing that great about wood-style...

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@GIRUGAMESH: Too true.


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@GIRUGAMESH: @Newdeath:

He wasnt a god yet he was & still is called the strongest shinobi ever apart from rikkodu sennin. Able to heal without use of seals (well thats simply the best in the naruto series so far but people might argue for Hidan). Only person I believe so far able to change/destroy the landscape on a mass scale with ease (this excludes the tailed beast power of the bijuu bomb & replication of rikkodu sennin power's e.g. that meteor & rennegan powers) & i'm sure he knows other powerful jutsu not just his most prolific one.

Have you read parts of the manga where Hashirama's powers are talked about. It does'nt matter if we have not witnessed a flashback of his powers. I'm sure on how arrogant Madara is & his hate for Hashirama he would have revealed if Hashirama had help.

As for his wood style just imagine everything Yamato can do just 100x & as Madara said he wants to 'try something' meaning the wood style means thats his 1st use of it & your judging it from that. Obviously Madara is not able to control the ability as well as Hashirama.

It was also stated that it was his jutsu that shaped the foundation of the village.

All in all i'm not going to be able to change your minds because ur judging him by what happened at the start of the series & by what people trying to replicate his powers are doing & not acknowledging the facts & you want to see 'feats' well whatever in that case I say people like Sakura & Ino can beat Hashirama 2.

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@One_Piece_God: Wood style is not impressive period. For all we know, Hashirama defeated by Madara by taking control over the Nine Tails. I'm willing to bet that Madara didn't even use Susanoo or Amaterasu during his battle against Hashirama. Even in his old age Hiruzen gave Hashirama and Tobirama quite a battle and even he wasn't as impressive as Madara is at the moment. I'll simply wait and see until they show what Hashirama has done. Statements made by various characters won't change much.


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@One_Piece_God: Ok, just no. All Hashirama has demonstrated thus far is mokuton, that darkness genjutsu and the ability to control tailed beasts. That is it.

It's no good also basing your argument on "I'm sure he knows other powerful jutsu"; if he did have all these amazing techniques, where were they in the Sarutobi fight? And when did anyone call him the most powerful shinobi ever?

"Only person I believe so far able to change/destroy the landscape on a mass scale with ease". Deidara anyone? Kisame anyone?

Yes, of course I am up to date on the manga, I have seen the pages that have led to this blatant fanw**k. You are basing your argument totally on assumption, you can't just say "I'm sure Madara wouldn't be so annoyed if Hashirama hadn't beaten him fair and square" and use that as a claim. I would argue the opposite; as Newdeath suggests, if Hashirama had taken control of Kurama during the fight and used it, I'd imagine that having the weapon that Madara himself brought to the battlefield being turned on him would be rather annoying.

As for his wood style:

1. 100x seems an exaggeration. I'd imagine it to be slightly stronger than what Madara is using now.

2. It's still just wood. Hand me a tailed beast bomb or a shinra tensei any day.

And no, you're not changing anyone's mind because your arguments have absolutely no feats to support them. The only feat that we have seen is his edo form vs an elderly Sarutobi. You could say that Ino/Sakura could beat him, but then you'd be wrong again; I'm not saying that Hashirama is weak by any means, but he isn't an uber-tier ninja like the likes of edo Madara and current Naruto, as shown by his feats.

I'm not saying that hype is worthless either; as I say, he was a great ninja. But the only hype that can really be accepted is that taken from the time of Hashirama, and the other thing that can be taken from that is that he was the strongest in the world at the time (which is to say, slightly above Madara). That alone is nowhere near enough to disregard him getting beaten along with another kage (albeit in edo form) by an old Sarutobi.

The Hashihype really needs to end now, feel free to link people to this page if they too are so misguided.

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The fact that Madara himself speaks so highly of Hashirama surely stands for something. The man considered him his greatest rival, they fought in a battle to the death and you think Madara wouldn't have used his best attacks? If Hashirama had taken control of the Nine Tails then I don't think Madara would hold him such high regard.

Edit: Before anyone says I'm fanw**king I'm not I really don't care for supporting any manga characters other than maybe Itachi lol. I'm just going on what the manga has told me several times. Kabuto's spoke very highly of him too stating that his strength has become almost fairy tale, like the Sage. Tobi also spoke very highly of him.

The Hiruzen statement still stands but I like to think that Hiruzen was just that damn powerful. Madara wouldn't know how powerful Hiruzen was because he was dead so it certainly is plausible that Hiruzen was more powerful than Madara was when he fought Harashima. Hiruzen also had Enma at the time who saved his ass a couple of times. Enma was pretty beast. Take away Enma and Hiruzen would have lost.

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@ohgodwhy: The fact that people claim Hashirama as the strongest Hokage in history would mean that if Hiruzen defeated him, Hashirama is not as powerful as they make him up to be. Hell, Hiruzen could barely handle a toying Orochimaru but was capable of fighting simultaneously against Hashirama and Tobirama who are regarded as two of the strongest shinobi in history.


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@Newdeath: Can you please re-read my post. Sorry I'm really slow at typing and you got a post in before me lol.

I'm not saying that Hashirama was the strongest it just seemed to me that you guys were saying he's crap, maybe I mis-interpreted.

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ok this isnt just at you but everyone else. That battle at the start of the series doesnt mean crap. Becuase Hashirama didnt use that flowering tech or create mass wood land distruction like Madara's first use of the wood style. Only a brief showing of what he could do was revealed. As I have said in another battle Kabuto's Edo Tensei>>Orochimaru's via more control, making the Edo summoning go all out & reveal there best attacks e.g. 3rd Raikage & finally modifiying the Edo Tensei bodies specifically Madara's.

Madara said people called him the strongest shinobi. Tobi said he was on top of the ninja world or something like that. Kabuto noted that Hashirama was stronger than Madara and that his might was so vast, that there weren't any shinobi in the current era that could match his level of power. He also said his 'feats' as you say where like fairytales/myths. Other characters have said similar things can't be asked to find them, this should be enough.

C0? He killed himself lol & I clearly said a jutsu that requires no effort C0 requires alot of chakra building up in 1 spot then released. As for Kisame I admit I forgot about his mass of water coming out of his mouth but that doesnt really distroy the landscape but I did say change so I give you that even though that tech has to be used in combination with other techs to do anything to someone where as Hashirama jutsu can be used as a 'set up' jutsu for other jutsu's & an initial attack.

Yeah it was a bit exaggerated for Yamato but he did say in terms of raw power his wood jutsu was far weaker than Hashirama. Yes I imagine it to be stronger than Madara too.

Basic crappy shinra tensei or fully powered shinra tensei that leaves you useless for a bit? So you would rather be a jinjurikki or the guy who is said can fully control a tailed beast & had many in his possesion?

I understand now so you want to see kishi show him actually fighting properly until you admit it. Well your right I can't be asked with this battle anymore. I don't even like the Naruto manga that much looool at times I hate it because of how over hyped people get when they think something good has happened when its so f***ing predictable. Well I was just trying to make a case for him lol.

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