12-Woman Kunoichi Battle Royal

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Considering Naruto doesn't do much prominent focus on its resident kunoichi, I figured I would try giving this match a shot. Taking 12 of Naruto's resident kunoichi and having them battle to either incapacitate or kill their foes in the Forest of Death, who do you think could survive in a battle royal involving:
1. Konan
2. Chiyo
3. Tsunade
4. Mei Terumi
5. Shizune
6. Sakura Haruno
7. Anko Mitarashi
8. Shizune
9. Hinata Hyuga
10. Tenten
11. Temari
12. Tayuya
I will also allow feats from the anime series to be included with whatever abilities that these 12 characters make use of in this battle. Who do you think will win it all?
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Good fight, but I think ultimately Tsunade would come out on top. She has a high level of endurance, as shown by her fight with Madara, and is very hard to put down. On top of that, I would say that she could beat any of the other fighters in a one-on-one. The fact that she can heal herself and has the best battle experience out of any of them (with the exception of Chiyo) also adds to this.

Chiyo and Mei are strong, but I don't see them lasting until the end; they just don't have the stamina, and would probably be taken out eventually.

Konan has a good shot of lasting until the end, as she can evade most attacks and is hard to pin down. However, if she goes up against Mei beforehand then she's a goner (she wouldn't stand a chance against corrosive mist or lava style), and if she does last to face Tsunade then the sannin will just summon katsuya to acid spray her to death. Either way, Tsunade wins, as the rest of the fighters simply aren't good enough to win this.

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@GIRUGAMESH: I wouldn't necessarily say Tsunade would dominate in this so easily. Her options in ranged combat are quite limited compared to many of the fighters in this match meaning ranged combat specialists could give her problems and while Creation Rebirth is a potent healing jutsu, it does consume quite a bit of her chakra reserves while it is in effect thus it wouldn't be reliable in prolonged battles where she is reliant on her chakra-enhanced strength in close-quarters combat.
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I'd give it to Mei or Chiyo. Tsunade's more of a supplementary fighter and in 1v1's I can't imagine her being much use, unless she's just healing herself the entire time while the others take each out.

Mei's quite good with all her kekkei genkai's, she'd be quite the powerhouse and would probably take out most of the competitors with her acid or lava.

Chiyo's good too but probably not quite as good as Mei. Tsunade's probably better than Chiyo actually.

Konan would be the 4th best here imo, she got taken out by a Sannin pretty easily and never really showed herself to be much of a fighter, more of just Pein's envoy and friend.

So Mei wins overall imo.

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@Dream: Oh no, it certainly wouldn't be easy, but she should come out on top in the end. That's true, she is quite limited, but when you remember that she can one-shot most of them with punches it doesn't matter that much.

@ohgodwhy: Interesting, but really? A supplementary fighter? It wasn't Mei who cracked Madara's susano with a single punch; she could take out most of them with one good hit.

And Tsunade would be much better suited to a fight like this, which will probably go on for ages. Mei hasn't shown the endurance to come out on top of this:

Tsunade has the strength and endurance to win this.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Maybe you're right. Although if Mei can connect, her attacks would be lethal. They may not do as much damage to a Susanoo but to human skin, even if it's regenerative, her lava is going to cause some serious damage.

But Tsunade does have endurance on her side and a punch would be lethal, it would be a pretty good fight.

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