12 Gold Saints Vs. 12 Gold Saints

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Lost Canvas  
1. Aries Shion  
2. Libra Dohko  
3. Gemini Defteros  
4. Cancer Manigoldo 
5. Aquarius Degel  
6. Pisces Albafica  
7. Capricorn El Cid 
8. Taurus Rasgado  
9. Leo Regulus  
10. Scorpio Kardia   
11. Sagittarius Sisyphus  
12. Virgo Asmita
1. Aries Mu 
2. Libra Dohko (Saint Seiya) 
3. Gemini Saga 
4. Cancer Deathmask 
5. Aquarius Camus  
6. Pisces Aphrodite  
7. Capricorn Shura  
8. Taurus Aldebaran  
9. Leo Aioli  
10. Scorpio Milos  
11. Sagittarius Aiolos  
12. Virgo Shaka
Speed is equalized  
Battle takes place in the sanctuary  
That's all!
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I think the universe can't take them all fighting at once, so I say a draw

Post by TheRedRose (1,645 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Well to be honest I think the lost canvas team wins on this one  
1. Aries Shion Vs. Aries Mu - Aries Shion wins because he was mostly Mu's mentor and sensei during that time and as well taught Mu how to create Crystal wall, starlight extinction, and revolution   

2. Libra Dohko vs. Libra Dohko (Saint Seiya) - To be honest future Libra (Saint Seiya) wins because by that time he should be more powerful than his younger version
3. Gemini Defteros vs. Gemini Saga - Gemini Saga because he has one more technique than Defteros  
4. Cancer Manigoldo vs. Cancer Deathmask - Obviously Manigoldo, if speed was off limits Deathmask could possibly win but Manigoldo has four more abilities and techniques than Deathmask 
5. Aquarius Degel vs. Aquarius Camus - I say Degel because he has one more technique than Camus also manage to freeze an entire city in absolute zero temperatures along with the God of Seas  
6. Pisces Albafica vs. Pisces Aphrodite - Albafica because he manage to actually defeated a Judge of the Underworld (Who is 1 step more powerful than a Gold Saint) and has one more technique than Aphrodite  
7. Capricorn El Cid vs. Capricorn Shura - El Cid, he defeated all the dream gods and sliced Sisuyphus Golden Arrow into 4 so it can destroy the last dream god  
8. Taurus Rasgado  vs. Taurus Aldebaran - Taurus Rasgado, he was powerful than Dohko and defeated Hades strongest general he was equal to Libra Dohko  
9. Leo Regulus vs. Leo Aioli - I would say this one is kinda of a draw  
10. Scorpio Kardia vs Scorpio Milos - Scorpio Kardia, he has one more technique than Milos and managed to defeated Radamanthys with Hades Divine Blood  
11.  Sagittarius Sisuyphus vs. Sagittarius Aiolos - A draw 
12. Virgo Asmita vs. Virgo Shaka - I have to give it to Shaka because he holds his cosmos back with his eyes closed while Asmita was just blind
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1 big stalemate

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1 -Shion 
2-Dohko is still the same in both series,it didn't had anything to become stronger in all that time. 
3-Gemini Cain(Next Dimension is probally stronger than both,he was stomping easily an specter that owned a Gold Saint. 
4 - Manigoldo has the same tecniques and more,for me he is one of the best LC Gold Saints. 
5 - Degel has a advantage in his fight against Unity,and was able to "seal"Seraphina,point to him. 
6 - Cardinale almost killed the ND Virgo Saint,I didn't think I would see a Pisces Saint better than a Virgo one,my point goes to him. 
7 - El Cid has the advantage if we don't count Episode G's Shuras feats if we count both we have a stalemate. 
8 - Rasgado is a better Taurus saint than Aldebaran and Ox,and much more well used too. 
9 - Draw,one is plot armor incarnate other is PIS incarnate,but I still like both. 
10 - Kardia with no Contest,he toyed with Radamanthys and could have killed him easily if we wanted. 
11 -We don't know much about Aiolos other than statement and Episode G gaidens if we count the he wins if not Sisyphus wins. 
12 - Shaka.
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Team 2 as a whole due partially to Shaka 
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Sadly, Leo Regulus Marty Stus his way through the opposition.
He can cast the Zodiac Exclamation which is superior to the Athena Exclamation alone and punch through someone comparable to a God Saint in power.
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