Thoughts on Kurokami's simultaneous release

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Just as Gia covered with great speed to the world, Bandai Entertainment, Inc. announced that Kurokami is getting an anime and will have a simultaneous release in Japan, South Korea and here. Well, if by here, you mean the small amount of the nation that gets imaginAsian's iATV channel.

As much as the anticipation built towards this announcement (as seen on the AV forums), to me, it seems somewhat lackluster. I don't really feel excited about it. Perhaps it's because I'm not really familiar with the source manga (out in the US from Yen Press). I think if I were though and enjoyed it, I'd be pretty steamed about it not being on a channel I get. There within lies the problem. As much as we, the American anime fandom, want simultaneous releases, it doesn't mean much if we can't watch it. Perhaps if BEI will soon announce an online streaming option as well, then that would help mitigate the number of people who can't watch the show on iATV. That would be nice.

This is a great step for anime in America. It's just probably not as big as I would have hoped. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Small steps are good. Hopefully this will do well among iATV's viewership, and other networks like Sci-Fi or Cartoon Network (yeah, right) will be interested in the concept. I'm skeptical of Cartoon Network because last time they tried something close to this was probably IGPX, and they shot themselves in the foot with it by moving it as fast as they could to the Friday night graveyard after slipping ratings in an already-slipping and badly-timed Saturday afternoon Toonami. Sci-Fi Channel, however, might be more willing for this. They air Doctor Who fairly quickly after its broadcast in home country of England.

I look forward to more simultaneous releases. We already had Naruto Shippuden announced and now this. I'm sure there'll be more to come.
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