More Anime Dollfies: Fate/Stay Night and Nanoha

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So how many of you were fans of the idea of Dollfie Yoko and Nia from Gurren Lagann? You might be excited to hear about these beauties: a Mini Dollfie Dream version of Fate/Stay Night's Illya and a full Dollfie Dream Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's Nanoha.

Now, I've mentioned before that I'm not a huge Dollfie fan; I find them unattractive in general. But I have to admit that the I find the Illya one pretty cute, especially since her eyes don't have that completely dead look that bothers me about so many Dollfies. (Again, just my opinion.) And she's actually smiling!

The Nanoha doll I'm less excited about, although I can't deny that the details of her clothing are impressive.

That said, I should remind you guys that these things aren't too tough to import, but they're expensive! Illya runs at the relatively low price of ¥46,000 (about $470 USD), and Nanoha is ¥72,000 ($737 USD). Man, I hope to god this is a really fun hobby for you Dollfie fans...

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I don't understand why they'd make an Ilya one... Ilya's really not all that popular as an FSN character... Plus her smile on that doll seems to look more like her "I'm about to kill you horribly teehee!" variety... (maybe I'm just angry cause they didn't make a Rin one instead...)

Nanoha looks pretty cool. I could care less about how her face looks, but her outfit is pretty nice along with the Raging Heart.
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Two words: Uncanny Valley
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