Ash's Father

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@Destinyheroknight: LOL! This is why they call Ritchie a clone of Ash? Who created Ritchie? Did Professor Oak created him? LOL! 
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He was created by seven Alakazam to overthrow Prof Oak

Ok, this getting to silly

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@Destinyheroknight: LOL! I see! Enough with this talking! You made me laugh a lot! LOL!
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There is a pokemon movie with young proffesor oak going to a forest because he was gathering info and drawing pokemon leading to his pokedex. This legendary pokemon comes and teleports him to the future where he meats ash brock and misty. They become great friends and in the end oak returs to his time. If I remeber correcly sam (oaks first name) drew a picture of him and ash and they saw some other legendary pokemon. This leads to the end of the movie where ash tells oak about his trip and that he saw a legendary pokemon and oak says he has seen it too. We then see oak looking at sketchbook revealing to be him and ash. SAMUEL OAK IS NOT ASH'S FATHER BUT A FRIEND. I know this is messy but it's all i remember from movie.

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Maybe she's like Cartman's mom prior to the Scott Tenorman thing

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