Wacom Tablet and Bloodline Characters!

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So recently I got a wacom tablet for x-mas and I decided I should learn how to use it. So, here I'm going to post my developments in the wacom tablets that involve characters from my novel-in-progress (Bloodline). I'm doing a lot of those DA memes, so if anybody want to request one for an anime, book, tv show, or even one of those OC memes, go ahead 'cause I seriously need to learn how to colour.

Here's my very first coloured image in photoshop. I NEED SERIOUS HELP! On a side note, DAT LEG.

If you have any tips on colouring, and/or any cool brushes or tutorials, that would be great. I really do need to learn how to colour, so this is a good chance! XD

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@Superevil225: I Lol'ed at the character information section:P Pretty good first try on your character:)
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How much was the tablet?

I was at a con and they had the dude who made Technolyze dicking around with a drawing and doing some rough color. It's hard to explain but while he was doing it, it seemed hella sloppy but he kept layering stuff over and over and doing broad strokes here and there and it went from jank to wow in like 5 minutes. It was pretty amazing to watch it transform. It seemed like everytime I turned away for 30 seconds and came back, it what I formerly thought was kinda sloppy now looked super pro but he'd do something else that looked sloppyish, then you turn away and the same thing happened.

I guess you have to have an eye to not really worry about the details and know what may not look good now but will look great like 3 layers later.

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In all honesty I thought that character was a girl at first glance. lol

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@sickVisionz: Yeah, I'm starting to get a hang for the layers, but it's difficult when you're sloppy on paper too. XD

@Sonata: LOL thanks. :3

@The_Desert_Tiger: Yup! He's not really the manliest character I've ever made, that's for sure.

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Finally figured out how to get the soft watercolour-like feel to my drawings. :D Literally 30 second doodle. :3 This is Danny, the MC.

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I'm still looking for a tablet or something that draws stuff and lets you read articles and graphic novels for my little sister. I thought Nook Tablet was the answer, but it doesn't draw, I think.

I love your image, Superevil225. You're so funny and that made my day. :)

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