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Hey everyone!

I just joined this site not too long ago so I appologize for my noobishness (lol). I've also made a similar post like this at ComicVice just in case someone might be wondering; Different community, etc. etc.

Anyway, I represent a growing brand as creator and writer for KJC Comix and I'd like to show you a couple things we're cooking up. Hope you like!

For the piece in color, that is a graphic novel named FLUR: Blades of the Universe that is currently in production illustrated by Carlos Herrera, Ryuuen Tanaka, and written by myself. We just started a Kickstarter for it a couple days ago and we're really excited! If you wan't, we could use your support. Just click the link below (we have video :D) :

or if you want, you can become a constant supporter here:

The other comic is Drift that is also written by me but illustrated by Kathan Chai. We currently produce a strip every month and can be viewed right on the site's front page. If you want, you can check out our site at:

We're hoping to bring you guys more content. We have a lot of comics planned, more ventures we are trying to reach like animation and video games, and we want to create quality entertainment for you guys....not to mention have fun at conventions (lol).

Thanks for taking some time to check us out guys. Like I said in an earlier post today, I hope this doesn't come off as spammish and I look forward to hearing back from you guys!

Take Care!

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Very cool love the art work and the story is interesting . Great job :)
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That is so cool

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Nice guys

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Thank you guys, and thank you for commenting! Glad to see that people like our work :D

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Nice stuff! :D I like the flow that the panels have, and the colored pages are amazing!

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