Psylocke Redesign Preview

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The idea to redesign the outfit for Psylocke was based upon part of a discussion from one of the Comic Vine podcasts. One person had commented on all the pointless straps Psylocke's outfit has and questioned why she only wears an outfit around that looks like a swimsuit. Then someone asked why she can't have pants. That statement got me thinking about what I would do if I was to design her. Something important I wanted to do was to give her a more practical outfit that looked less like a costume.

I'm not going to tell you all the details I have in mind in this blog since it's just a preview. Once I finish inking and add some notes. I'll make a post for the full version. These are rather large preview images. If you click on them you can see a bit more detail.

The first image is my original design sketch. I'm going over it again to digitally ink it. As you can see here, I've started with her face.

My design will have Psylocke in pants, but check the picture below if you want to see what she looks like with no pants.

Because I haven't inked them yet in this picture. What were you expecting??

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek, and I always enjoy reading comments. Just remember that this is only the in progress work. I'll be explaining more in detail about my version when I post the completed version.

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Just like you enjoy reading comments, I enjoy seeing your drawings. I love it when the users of animevice get to show off their talents. Either way the drawing looks good so far

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As I have stated with your other work, this is some amazing work, FoxxFireArt! I am a big fan of your art style, and this looks to be another home run work of art in the making. Best of luck with the rest of the Psylocke image!

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Love it, Excellent work as always.
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This is awesome
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Great work! You always love drawing muscular and tone women.

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Glad you like the pictures.


I'm done inking the rest of it. I'll probably post it tomorrow or Monday.

@Sonata: @Acer.:

Thank you.


It's not so much about that as it is that Psylocke should be lean and toned as a martial arts style fighter. It doesn't make sense for her to have this thin supermodel body type when she's a trained fighter.

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Nice work as always! Looking forward to finished version.

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I gotta ask, what does that thing strapped to her forearm do?

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That will be explained in the final version.

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