Summer 2013 Movie Trailer: Anohana

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Release Date: 8-31-13

Produced by A-1 Pictures

The movie is an alternate retelling of the anime series.

Five childhood friends grow apart after the death of Meiko Honma, close playmate of them all. Jinta Yadomi, leader of the group when they were kids, neglects high school and lives as a shut-in when he unexpectedly starts seeing the ghost of Meiko, who can only interact with him and no one else. She has returned to ask Jinta to fulfill the forgotten wish she made as a kid.

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SO much good stuff coming out. It's going to be hard to keep up with it all.

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looking forward to this movie....really loved the series

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Aniplex of America has announced plans to bring Anohana The Movie: The Flower We Saw That Day to U.S. theaters next January. The movie will be presented with English subtitles and distributed by ELEVEN ARTS in select theaters.

Details on theater listings and screening dates will be announced at a later date. Aniplex of America has also announced that those who attend the showings will receive an exclusive item called “Letters from Menma” featuring a replica of the letters which “Menma” wrote to her friends in the film along with some flower seeds the viewer can plant. These items will be available in limited quantity and will be available while supplies last.

The Anohana the Movie is a movie adaptation of the anime series with the same title. It depicts a tale of 5 childhood friends who have drifted apart from one another following the death of their mutual friend, Meiko “Menma” Honma. These friends come together once again when “Menma” appears before one of them as a ghost and tells him that she cannot pass on to the afterlife unless she is granted one last wish.

About Anohana The Movie: The Flower We Saw That Day

Are your “friends” from back then, still your “friends” now? This is a story of one summer miracle. Due to a tragic accident during their childhood that took the life of one of their friends, 5 friends grew apart from one another. One summer day “Menma,” their friend who passed away, appears before them. She tells them that she must have a wish granted in order to pass on to the afterlife. But, she cannot remember what that wish is. The friends meet once more to figure out how to help “Menma.” Time that stood still begins to slowly move once more…Why did “Menma” come back?

The movie will be released on video in Japan March 5th

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