How I have Changed in My College and Anime Vice Roles

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College Life vs Anime Vice Life

Purpose: Inspired by an autobiography done by users, I think about how my College life is like my Anime Vice life.

Similarities and Differences

A New and Independent Student

Since I was new to college, I enrolled in a program that had mentors and mentees in various science majors to make new friends. Even though I had a mentor, most of stuff I had to adjust and work hard by myself. Yet, I always had a mentor to ask for help.

Compared to Anime Vice, I joined Anime Vice to look for images and comment on the images. This is how I first met my first Anime Vice user in the Taurus galleries. After his kind words of encouragement that nudged me to wiki edit, I started off working independently on Fairy Tail and Alice in the Country of Hearts around October 2011.

My mentor on Anime Vice is one of the best wiki editors. Unlike college, I had more than one mentor as I progressed.

  • FoxxFireArt - A Wiki editor who helped me on my grammar and wiki style.
  • Wales - A reviewer and a wiki editor
  • Sotyfan16 - The CEO who gave me tips on how to write beginner guides.
  • Newten - A wiki editor and an image hunter who help me and Anna on our Fairy Tail projects
  • Ethan - I can always ask him for questions.

A Female Friend

My first partner in college who share many of my general courses was a young female student of a closely related major. We struggled through our bottleneck classes and work together on our studies to grasp and master the concept. As we progressed, I noticed that we will be not in the same classes due to our major and that we have a different calling in life. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we remained in close contact.

Compared to Anime Vice, I observed a female user, Annabanana, adding lots of images to the Fairy Tail pages. In December, I had the guts to ask Anna if we could work together on Fairy Tail. Anna accepted me. It marked the beginning of a strong partnership in my first year of Anime Vice.

Both my friend and Anna are one of the great people that I'm glad to have met them and worked with them.

Working Together with Partners

Remembering what my teachers told me that no one, in heaven or hell, can graduate college without a group of friends, I had to find someone to work with. Each semester, I had a different friends, but we remain close despite everyone is dropping and changing majors. It's hard, but we all need to find something that we're good at and can make a living at it as well.

  • Old Fairy Tail team - Obscurefan, Obsidian609, Wales, and Anna.

In Anime Vice, most wiki editors were independent and work alone. I was the lucky one because I joined a team that did so much work on the Fairy Tail bounties in April 2011 (set by Ethan). In June 2011, I had made a new partnership with a young user who had a great reputation in the forums and the bounty tasks, Fire_Star. We set out working on Rave Master in June and finished the whole anime project in July 2011. During the summer, FoxxFireArt releases the bounty tasks for Fairy Tail, and my group and I finished them quickly.

During the Fall of 2011, I am a part of two teams who are working on Sket Dance and Beelzebub and still a partner to Anna in the Fairy Tail series.

  • Team W.I.K.I Nation - Anna, Piface314, Hibaru, HalberdierV2, and KuroNekoXIII (See New Team's blog with new member: MohsinMan99)
  • Team Beelzebub - Anna and ShadowKnight508
  • New Fairy Tail Team - Newten and Anna

See Fall Semester Blog

Becoming a Peer Mentor and a Wiki Mentor

As I become a 3rd year in college, I joined my old freshmen program and became a mentor to help the incoming freshmen. I remember the struggles that my friends and I have faced. I want to be there to help the new generation as a role model.

In Anime Vice, I had new users ask me various questions when I became one of the top wiki editors in June. My role changed when I actively follow new wiki editors and tell them that they can ask me or my team for help with wiki editing. I had a few users who asked me lots of questions which made my day. Plus, I looked at their wiki submissions and give them tips on how to format their page according to the wiki style.


Both my peer mentor and wiki mentor roles are community service. From going alone to achieve a goal, I have become a mentor who help others to achieve their goal. This is the snowball effect where one person gives back to the community and more people get help and returns the favor back.

This is my story.


Updates 10-29-2011

Added links to Team W.I.K.I. Nation and links to the fall semester's blog

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This is great. You're doing a lot and I admire you for doing so. I wish I would have found this site earlier in college but oh well. I'm doing what I can. You can check out how anime has effected my life in my blog My Journey as an Anime Fan.

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Agreed, this is a great blog. +1

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@sotyfan16: @Fire Star:

Thanks guys!

I'll be sure to comment on your blog, Sotyfan16. It looks great!


Added mentors to my blog post.

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