AVWP Week #7: Best Shōnen Movies!

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  • Bleach
  • Naruto
  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Other (Let Us Know in the Comments!)
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There will always be people arguing about which big Shōnen series is the best, but which one has the best animated feature films?

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I kind of feel I shouldn't par take since I've not seen any films of the other series. I can say my favourite DBZ film is Bojack Unbound.

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I would say One Piece movies, they are pretty enjoyable

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Hmm, I'm stuck between Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z.

  • The first three Naruto movies were about saving some nobility characters. I skipped some movies because I lost cable. The last movie I watch had Minato Namikaze's debut. That movie was terrible. It was only amusing to see lil Kakashi and Hokage running around. That was it. I hope Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja is a good movie.
  • Bleach is more centered on characters: 1st was Sena, 2nd was Toshiro, and 3rd was Rukia. The Hell Verse movie was not focused on a character. That movie was strange with its climax and pacing.
  • Dragon Ball Z had some good and bad ones. My favorites were Bardock, Cooler, and Trunks' movies. I didn't enjoy Android 13, Return of Cooler, and Bojack due to their story and fights.

I might be wrong to assume this, but most Naruto movies are pretty much similar, you got a noble person involved with some curse or conflict with their people, other countries, or nature. Naruto has to go save them. Bleach is spotlighting their characters while Dragon Ball Z is more villain based except for Bardock and Trunks' movies.

Replay Value

To me, Dragon Ball Z has the most replay value despite it's mostly fighting over story telling. I can watch the movies with friends, family, or alone. I can only stand to watch Naruto movie once. For Bleach, the first and 3rd movie are my favorites while I didn't enjoy 2nd and 4th. I guess I'm a sucker for sad Bleach movies.

Naruto movies are for renting. Bleach depends on who you liked. Some of Dragon Ball Z movies are good for renting, but some like Trunks is a great addition to my library.


I didn't talk about another choice that isn't on here.

Curse of the Blood Rubies

Greedy King Gurumes is destroying his kingdom - and his stomach - with an insatiable hunger born of his maniacal quest to collect the cursed Blood Rubies! The Dragon Balls are his only hope for survival, but Goku and his friends will join forces to prevent his sinister wish from being granted!

Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

A horrifying and deadly adventure! Seeking to unlock the secrets of Master Roshi's training, Goku and Krillin venture into the treacherous Devil's Hand in search of a mysterious Sleeping Princess, but they'll have to defeat a vile vampire and his ogre minions to save the fair maiden!

Mystical Adventure

Tournament time! Their training completed, the dynamic duo of Goku and Krillin enter a prestigious martial arts tournament organized by Emperor Chiaotzu. The winner will have their wish granted, but the young heroes better keep an eye on the emperor's right-hand man: devious Master Shen!

The Path to Power

The legend begins! Goku and his new friend Bulma set out to collect the seven magic Dragons Balls and make the wish that will change their lives forever. But they'd better beware of the evil Red Ribbon Army, which seeks to use the wish-granting power of the Dragon Balls to achieve total world domination!

These are the movies packaged. I bought the collection during a Rightstuf Christmas special.

The movies are a retelling of the original Dragon Ball series. Curse of the Blood Rubies introduces Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, and Launch in a different fashion. Pacing is a bit rushed. The only main gripe I had was with Goku's voice actresses. Each movie, I believe the VA changes. I'm sad that the Funimation VA for little Goku didn't reprise the movie roles.

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I voted for Bleach almost purely based on how great Fade to Black was. Dragon Ball Z movies screw around with the story/plot/canon too much and just don't fit in properly. The Bardock and Trunks specials are good though, and Battle of Gods should be interesting.

I admit though, I haven't seen any of the Naruto or One Piece movies. Maybe not one of my best polls, but hey!

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