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Yeah, this mumbo jumbo with all the angels and demons has gotten really boring, really fast. Much as it’s been with PARASTYE, my initial enthusiasm for this series has cooled some now that certain “demerits” have proven they won’t be going away any time soon. What’s really sad is that the strong parts of the show - - the scrappy adventures of Favaro, Amira, Rita and Kaisar - - are getting lost in all this effluvium.

Initially, I was drawing positive comparisons between this show and ESCAFLOWNE. For my money, ESCAFLOWNE remains one of the best examples of “world building” because it was patient with it, and it was always presented through the main character’s point-of-view. Only one new piece of the world was revealed each episode, and we were learning about it the same time Hitomi was learning discovering it. Even when we met the enemy empire, it was always one bad guy at a time.

BAHAMUT was largely like that, at first, but it quickly got impatient - - much in the same fashion that MAGI did. Having four major characters would be enough to establish properly over this many episodes. Problem is, the show was in a rush to build its world, so we didn’t get one or two strong, defined villains, but a whole throng of thinly-established ones with poorly-conceived politics. The world should be this complex at Episode 16 or 18 maybe, not Episode 10.

And, more to the point, I couldn’t give two shits about Azazel or Puzuzu or whoever this guy is. He never got a good introduction to make me remember him.

I mean, put it this way - - Amira and Rita are obviously supposed to be mirrors, right? One’s a child in a grown-up’s body. The other’s a crone in a little girl’s body. Why haven’t they been played off eachother? That could make for an entire, interesting episode. But no, we’ve got to establish that lore, and thus, we have this too-early surprise about Amira being an empty vessel with fake memories, hitting before we’ve really care been made to care about those memories.

And don’t get me started on the fact that they’re trying to shoehorn the actual Joan of Arc into this. Way to kill the illusion. I’m feeling bad for the story team that has to make these ridiculous licensor demands work.

Watch "Decision in the Wailing Woods" and "Hellheim, Land of Lies" and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

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Joan of Arc um arc should have been seen a mile away. They fore shadowed the "saint" an the kings jealousy. An yeah you can argue "One’s a child in a grown-up’s body. The other’s a crone in a little girl’s body". You can also argue Farvaro Leone has a knights heart in a rouges body. An Kaiser Lidford wants to be the knight even tho he does rouge like things.

But to compare ESCAFLOWNE to Rage of Bahamut: Genesis is ye ol apples an oranges debate. No one is swept into another world in Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, No mechs ( the giant golum statues were not piloted ), no love triangle. But it is animated! But um really they are not the same thing. No steampunk either!

Now if you wished to compare to say oh Blade & Soul you would have more things to validly compare. Both animated, based off games, both punch above the average for anime based off games.But Rage of Bahamut: Genesis pulls ahead on world build an over arching story. An yet Blade & Soul was not as I recall panned for its world build. Sorry Tom gone are the days of long arcs like those in Hunter x Hunter. Were lucky to see 10 to 13 episodes a season any more. /shrug .Blame the millennials or peoples short attention span.

So in short why are you comparing a show thats 13 episodes to one thats slower an 26 episodes? Blade & Soul was 13 episodes ,while ESCAFLOWNE was 26. Time to have all that character growth in 13 more episodes is not a valid comparison.

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There is not much time in this anime series considering this is a one cour series for more world building and character development. It's the end of the world drama and revelation for the main characters. That's the risk of short series. Even with careful planning, you have to rush the plot and skip certain things.

I didn't mind it at all.

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You've really got a boner for Rita, and I think it's clouding your enjoyment of this show.

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