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This episode begins with supply-side Santa Claus (who apparently was not content to merely insult Hayate in flashbacks and fantasy sequences the way he did in episode 1) returning to harass Hayate in his dreams. He reminds Hayate that, even though Hayate rescued Nagi from a band of evil kidnappers in episode 1, Hayate’s original plan, before accidentally stumbling into an act of heroism, was to kidnap Nagi for himself. So even though Nagi, and the rest of Nagi’s extraordinarily wealthy and lavish household might think Hayate is a champion, supply-side Santa knows that Hayate is really a sinner.

Chris Cringle’s guilt trip doesn’t seem to faze our hero though. And shortly after Hayate awakes in Nagi’s family mansion, he manages to leverage his earlier heroism into a job as a high-paid butler, working to carry out any tasks Nagi might like him to fulfill. To the surprise of Nagi’s household staff, Hayate (who really doesn’t seem at first glance like he’d be cut out to work in the service industry) takes to the job like a duck to water. And as he expertly cleans the various rooms of the mansion, Hayate sings a song of joy in his heart because he knows that at this rate, it won’t be long (relatively speaking) before he’s earned enough to pay back the ¥156,804,000 debt he owes to the Yakuza.

Things take a turn for the worse however when Hayate enters Nagi’s room and stumbles upon a book from her Manga collection. Nagi, upset that a) Hayate found one of her personal private Mangas, and b) Hayate didn’t recognize what an incredible piece of art it is and referred to it as a “Picture Diary” Nagi banishes Hayate from the household.

The moment Hayate leaves the mansion and returns to life on the streets, the Yakuza, who for some reason knew that Hayate was staying at that house, and knew the exact moment he’d be leaving (Maybe they’re following Hayate on Twitter and they saw a post about him getting fired? I don’t know. It’s never explained) scoop him up and take him to the docks so they can put him on a ship and sell him as a slave.

However, in the time it takes the mobsters to transport Hayate across town to the docks, Nagi’s head maid, Maria, reveals to Nagi that she found a note in Hayate’s raggedy old jacket, detailing the fact that Hayate is in massive debt to the mob. Realizing that her banishment of Hayate could lead to serious life-or-death consequences for Hayate, and not wanting her butler to fall to grievous harm, Nagi decides to charge to Hayate’s rescue.

Donning a (ridiculous, obvious, paper-thin) disguise and calling herself, “Mask the Money,” Nagi confronts Hayate’s kidnappers and defeats them using the mightiest power known to man-kind. Cold hard cash. That is to say, instead of fighting the Yakuza off, which she can’t do, she merely pays them ¥156,804,000 on Hayate’s behalf, and arranges it so that now, instead of being in debt to the mob, Hayate is in debt to Nagi. It’ll be a lot of hard work to pay off a debt that large. But Nagi let’s Hayate know he doesn’t have to worry too much, as she’s decided to generously reinstate his position as her butler.

Once again, there wasn’t very much “Combat” in this episode. So I’m starting to question whether or not it’s really accurate to call this show “Hayate the Combat Butler.” But there was once again a great deal of humor and hilarity. Plus Manga references, Gundam references, Sailor Moon references, and a snarky narrator who seems to enjoy stepping on people’s lines, cutting to commercial early, and just generally screwing with the characters on the show. All of which I enjoyed. What will happen next week? I can’t even begin to guess. I suppose I’ll just have to watch and find out.

Watch "A New Beginning with Nagi Sanzenin's Estate" and decide for yourself.

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