To long or to short? The goldilocks problem with anime

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So been watching angel beats a bit now and all most done with it, and it got me started thinking about what seems a perennial problem with anime. Either it is to long and ends up having a lot of useless filler (take any shonen anime) or it seems to be rushed either in one part or overall. C for example REALLY needed another season..I mean you are making metaphors about economics and economic down turns think you can do that in 12 episodes? Angel Beats suffers from the same problem. An interesting world some interesting characters with interesting problems..all solved to quickly. Yui for example has an incredibly moving story when you here all of it..but you hear about it and it is resolved the last fifteen minutes or so of one episode. This makes what could have incredibly effecting much less so especially when you combine it with the natural humor that her character always creates. It made me wonder as I finished up the show if it was based on a manga that took this more slowly. But that seems not to be the case. I could through in my favorite show (see my avatar) as an example of a show that is to short only in that it leaves you wanting more...though once you figure out the show you know it would just be more of the same and the repetition probably wouldn't work. But I expect that has gotten old I won't.

Still any other shows people can think of that suffer from the, this really needed to be longer?

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Although the show is really good, I wouldn't mind if the Legend of Korra had some filler or more episodes.

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