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Oooh, Otonashi, you almost had me there, you wolf in sheep's clothing.  
"Heart: Check. Lungs: Check. Testicles.........." 
"Heart: Check. Lungs: Check. Testicles.........." 
You had me on the precipice of not just accepting you as a true main character (I have) but also being one that I could actually value. One I could even... like. We see your final moments, we see the results of your newfound determination, and how it saved the lives of those in your same plight.  After doing something awful to Tenshi, you wait by her bedside for her to wake up, holding onto a seemingly random 1% chance that she won't stab you as soon as she wakes up.
But then, in the final moments of the episode you've got to fuck everything up by manipulating the only friends you have. How do you know its really her? What if your friends are truly happier where they are? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM WHEN THEY ARE FULFILLED! Seriously, he is a selfish brat of the worst order. "I'm going to help everyone". That sort of thinking is great if you're studying for the entrance exam of a school offering existential doctorates, but otherwise keep your grubby little mitts of my existence! I'm not sure whether I expect or simply hope that it will bite him in the ass. Thankfully, with only three episodes left to go, I suppose I'll know pretty soon. I was pretty high on this show until this episode. Lets see if it can get back in my good graces.   
Interesting time for me to watch this episode, though it would have been even more "interesting" three weeks ago. An earthquake causes a collapse in Japan... Glad to see this scenario wasn't played out on the trains in Japan during their tragedy. I suppose all the mass transit outside of the biggest cities are above ground, but the idea of being trapped like that is... unnerving. Makes me want to learn some advanced first-aid techniques just in case such a situation were to occur. 
Also, I hope/expect that the guy who died while being treated by Otonashi turns up at some point in this world. It just seems fitting for some reason.
By the way, that whole 1% thing REALLY gets on my nerves. On what basis is that calculated? How in the world do you know what the chances of a character waking up from a previously unheard-of condition are? It makes me want to... HULK SMASH! 
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