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The only reason she uses her power's the way she does, is to show those around her the way she feel's. direct quote from the show "Now you know how i feel." was used in the battle between her and yusai fudo. A quot from Yusai "I know how you feel." another quote "You like other people's pain." might not be the same words but just incase. She has been feared and well misstreated in her life. I for one know how she rely feels. Her power's are something different than the other's, she is the only one to have the power's. She likes making people miserable, but one thing she is doing is driving those who might care away. The power to make duel monster's real, is one of extrordinary abilities seen throught the series. Something she should not hide but should let loose, now she can barly control it with the curling like tool hidden behind her bain's, but she should not release again'st inoccent duelist's. This problem occured when she a man who said he was just like her. I leave out his name for those who have not seen the show yet. But if he would have never found her and lied to her, i do believe that she would be different than what she is now. Her deck is plant's based around the almighty "Black Rose dragon" who has a killer effect. She duel's with a certain strategy of playing, ivy wall and a card i can not recall, but it brings a plant type monster back from the grave, after words she playes rose tentacle, wich take 300 damage from your opponent when a plant type monster is destroyed. Now she can get all five spot's filled on her opponent's side and use the rose tentacle's effect which also lets you attack as many times as there are plant type monster's on your opponent's field, but also cause damage if they are in deffense which with the effect of ivy wal; they are. She has another strategy which i will leave out, for some might wont to use it, and well i wont them to research my favorit character's info to find.
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