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A group of adventurers on a parallel world seek their fortunes in a story whose debt to role-playing games is so great that the press notes even describe the characters as "low-level." Teenage "mapper" Pastel leads a party comprising young swordsman Clay, bandit chieftain's son Trapp, blue-blood "walking dictionary" Kitton, gentle giant Knoll, baby dragon Shiro, and infant elf sorceress Rumy. After their latest quest, they call in at the Adventurers Support Group, which stamps their ID cards and evaluates their experience, both pastiching and predicting the inevitable console game version of the story.

Originally based on a best-selling 1991 novel by Michio Fukuzawa, who also wrote the Duan Surk prequel set in the same universe, the story was also adapted into a manga by Natsu-mi Mukai, in turn adapted into the sequel anime TV series Fortune Quest L by Eiichi Sato and Slayers-director Takeshi Watanabe. The series added the gaming experience by featuring hidden items and monsters, as well as unexpected dialogue from certain characters. Though hardly anything new, it prepared the ground for the success of Pokémon, for which exploiting the game tie-in was the sole raison d'être.

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Name Fortune Quest
Publisher ?
Start Year 1994
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