Fortune Cat

Fortune Cat is an anime episode of Karneval that was released on 04/10/2013

Plot Summary

The Showdown Begins!
Fōchun Kyatto
Theme Music
OpeningHenai no Rondo
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Gareki tells Nai not to go anywhere. Nai sleeps and dreams about Karoku. Meanwhile, Hirato and Tsukitachi attend a meeting. Later in the city, Nai receives fruit from a young girl who informs him about a circus in town. A man calls his boss about Nai's location. When the parade comes, Nai encounters Ivy who waves to him. Gareki spots Nai who gets chased by the man in the suit. While the circus gets underway, Tsukumo dances for the audience as she jumps beautifully. Then, Hirato talks to one of his subordinates and tells Tsukumo to keep entertaining the townspeople. Later, Gareki gets ambushed by the men in suits. The man in the giant cat suit, Yogi, arrives to help Nai. After Yogi reveals his two swords, the men in suits run away. Yogi finishes calling someone, and he flies Gareki and Nai to the Circus ship.

Afterwards, Hirato introduces himself and his organization to Nai and Gareki. When Nai asks them if they know Karoku, Hirato states that he doesn't know anyone and informs Gareki that his bracelet is a old model. Hirato asks Gareki if Mine's blood splashed on him, and he explains that if her blood is on them, they will become monsters. In a dark city, someone is looking for red seeds (red eyes). Elsewhere, An old man drinks wine and thinks about Hirato. Hirato asks Tsukumo and Yogi to keep an eye on Nai and Gareki. When Nai goes out for shopping, Yogi tries to keep him busy by getting Gareki and Nai to play hide-and-go seek. Tsukumo is "it." While Gareki tries to go for the exit, the rabbits find him and states that it's forbidden. Tsukumo finds Yogi first and spots the rabbits carrying Gareki away. In the ventilation shaft, Nai falls down from the ship where a monstrous man attacks Nai. Arriving to Nai's rescue, Yogi and Tsukumo fight the man with the large arms. Suddenly, another monster binds Tsukumo with eyes he plucked from the citizens in Galvan. With everyone caught, the monsterous man with a large arm tries to capture Nai after calling Nai, a red seed. On the ship, Nai hears something and goes into deep pain. In his vision, he sees Erisyuka hugging Karoku.

Points of Interest

  • The monsters like Mine are called Varuga.
  • Yogi is 21 years old and enjoys wearing a cat suit called Nyanperowna.

Characters & Voice Actors

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