Fortune Arterial Characters

Fortune Arterial is an anime series in the Fortune Arterial franchise
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Erika Sendo

Vice President of the Shuchikan Academy's school council. Also a Vampire.

Haruna Yuki

A childhood friend of Kohei. She is helpful and makes great tea.

Iori Sendo

The Student Council President and a Vampire. He is very cheerful and loves to tease his sister and Kohei.

Kanade Yuki

The upbeat advisor for the student dorm at the Shuchikan Academy's Dorms. Would of married her sister if she wasn't her sister and a girl.

Kiriha Kuze

Quiet girl in the same class as Kohei, she is often seen alone and is near failing all of her classes except for Maths.

Kohei Hasekura

The protagonist of Fortune Arterial. Kohei has recently transferred to the Shuchikan Academy.

Seichiro Togi

Older brother of Shiro and Co-Treasurer. He is very protective of his little sister.

Shiro Togi

A fourth year who is co-treasurer with her brother Seichiro.

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