Forfeiture is an anime episode of Texhnolyze that was released on 04/23/2003


After having his arm cut off by Keigo, Ichise blinded by fury tries too get up and take revenge on the woman that caused all this. Enraged he runs to the woman's car but is stoped again by Keigo who chopes his left leg. Left alone to die in the street, Ichise wanders wounded by the city, trying to contain the blood and search for help.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hirotsugu Hamazaki Director
Yoshitoshi Abe Character Artist/Designer
Chiaki J. Konaka Writer A writer known for the script to the shows Serial Experiments Lain and Digimon Tamers.
Hidetoshi Kaneko Art Director Hidetoshi Kaneko is a Japanese anime art director.
Juno Reactor Music Opening Theme - Guardian Angel


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