Forever is a anime/manga character in the JoJo's Bizarre adventures franchise
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An orangutan that has the stand called the Strength.


Forever was created by Hirohiko Araki, the author and illustrator of series, as a minor antagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's third arc, Stardust Crusaders. His name is a reference to the album Wu-Tang Forever by the American hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Forever character could have been inspired by the orangutan from the movie Link.

Character Evolution


Forever is an orangutan with brown fur covering the majority of his body expect for his fingertips and some parts of his face. He also has two scars (or black stripes) near the back of his head. In the anime and OVA, he has fur around his face that resembles a beard. He also sometimes wears a white captain’s suit.


Forever is shown to be strangely human-like and highly intelligent due to preparing his own food and smoking. He is also able to read and solve Rubik’s cubes very easily. Forever also has a very perverse personality and has a strong attraction towards human females such as Anne. Despite these human-like qualities, he still has his brutal animal nature which is shown through his arrogant attitude and violent temper.

Story Arcs

Stardust Crusaders

After their encounter with Dark Blue Moon and the Captain Tennille Imposter, the Joestar group and the surviving sailors meet the stand Strength which was bounded to a boat. While looking for the ship’s crew, the group stumbles upon Forever while he is still in his cage. Forever then attacks one of the sailors by piercing him with a crane. While the group tries to figure out what transpired, Forever tries to get Anne to release him from his cage. He then tries to entice Anne by offering her an apple. He begins to smoke a cigarette and read a pornography magazine when the sailors arrive to move Anne to safer location.

Smitten by Anne, Forever escapes his cage in order to find her. Upon locating her, he kills the sailors in the room and enters the shower where Anne was bathing. As he corners Anne, Jotaro finds him and hits him with a lock in order to stop him. However he quickly gains control of the situation by taking advantage of his stands abilities. Forever then uses his Stand to immobilize the Joestar group on the deck and Jotaro. Forever then leaves to go get his captain suit and a dictionary and a Rubik’s cube believing that there is no way he can lose. After he solves the cube, he begins to move towards Anne but is interrupted by Jotaro hitting him with a button. This enrages him and causes him to charge recklessly at Jotaro while holding the button. Jotaro uses this as an opportunity to use Star Finger to hit the button and send it straight through Forever’s skull.

As the unbound Jotaro slowly walks towards him, Forever frantically shows him his belly as a sign to show mercy. However, Jotaro hits him with a barrage of punches which kills him and causes his Stand to disappear only to leave behind an old wrecked boat.

Powers and Abilities


Super Strength- Being an orangutan, Forever has five times the strength of an average human.



Destructive PowerB
Developmental PotentialE


A physical Stand that can be both seen and touched by Stand Users. After binding to a small old boat, it transforms into a huge freighter named Big Daddy. Its name is a reference to the tarot card Strength. The ship is also inspired by the merchant brigantine Mary Celeste.


  • Transformation- After binding to an inanimate object, Forever can bring out the objects true potential and transform it. He used this in order to transform an old ship into a huge freighter.
  • Control- After Strength is bound to an object, Forever has complete control over everything apart of it and can move them around or go through them freely.

Other Media

Video Games

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Enemy) on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future (Enemy in a Mini-game) on the PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast and Arcade.
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters (Playable) on IOS/Android
General Information Edit
Name: Forever
Name: フォーエバー
Romanji: Fōebā
Gender: Male
1st manga book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #14
1st anime episode: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders #7
1st anime movie: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Aliases Strength
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