Forests, Baths and Wooser

Forests, Baths and Wooser is an anime episode of Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life that was released on 01/22/2013
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Plot Summary

Forests, Baths and Wooser
RomajiMori to Ofuro to Ūsā to
TranslationForests, Baths and Wooser
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Ending"Love Me Gimmie"
by TiA
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"Bring it!"
"Bring it!"

Before the opening credits, Wooser appears with and glowing "X" on his belly. After introducing himself, he challenges the fourth wall to a duel and wields two laser swords from his belly and then charges up his energy.

Rin, Len, Yuu and Miho are checking out a huge tree with a group of cicadas. They notice Wooser on the tree and leave after he chants that he wants uniforms. He preaches to the fourth wall that uniforms are like gems and his fantasy of clinging to one, which he does with Rin. He flies away after a couple of seconds.

Wooser is being chased by a wild lion and exclaims to the fourth wall that he will somehow get through his dire situation. He visually interprets his reason for trying to win by smash-cutting to a bathing scene with Rin and Len. Unfortunately for him, his fantasy gets the best of him and the scene cuts back to the lion gnawing on Wooser's head and he narrates that he may have won because the lion's mouth represents victory. Wooser then dies to the lion eating him up and Rin tells Wooser that she thought he really lost instead.

Wow, these flowers look friendly. Or are they?
Wow, these flowers look friendly. Or are they?

Wooser, Rin and Len are at a sunflower field. Rin excitedly cheers about the sunflowers while Wooser imagines the horrible sight of twisted flowers laughing instead of sunflowers. He then exclaims that the whole field and even the sun is carrying the evil laugh. While Len states that the weather feels nice, Rin announces the fourth wall that everyone should be careful of heat stroke, which caught up to Wooser.

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