For Whom The Rose Smiles

For Whom The Rose Smiles is an anime episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena that was released on 04/09/1997
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Plot Summary

As Utena walks to school the next day, all the girls swoon over her. Utena enters class and finds Wakaba reading a romance novel. Wakaba once again proclaims Utena is her true love. Anthy then enters the class.

Meanwhile, the student council members play cards together as they discuss the letters they recently received from End of the World. All the members receive letters and follow the instructions in them. The council wonders if an outsider, Utena, is receiving similar letters since she wears the Rose Seal. They state that whoever wins the Rose Bride will be able to enter the castle in the sky and gain the power to revolutionize the world. Hence their reason for fighting is revealed.

Wakaba and Utena head towards their dorms after classes are finished. Utena is living by herself in the east dorm. Wakaba tells Utena the place hasn’t been used in ten years and is haunted. Utena walks into her dorm to find no one there. She enters her room; it looks incredibly run-down and a mouse is sitting in the middle of it. She closes the door then reopens it to find the room looking spotless and perfect. Anthy is in the room cleaning. Utena says it must coincidence the two of them are roommates, but Anthy replies they are roommates according to the rules of the rose seal. She is the Rose Bride and engaged to whoever wins the duels. Utena asks about the sword and the castle. Anthy says they are “the mysteries.”

Utena sees the mouse again. Anthy introduces him as Chu-Chu. Utena asks Anthy about the ring with rose crest. Anthy explains it is the rose seal and worn by all the student council members. The person wearing the ring is marked as duelist. Since Utena is the champion duelist, other duelists will come to challenge her. Utena firmly states she has no intention of participating in the duels.

Meanwhile Saionji practices in the kendo room. He talks to Touga, insisting the Rose Bride and the power to revolutionize the world belong to him. He goes to see Anthy that evening. He asks why she does not follow his commands. Anthy tells him their engagement is over. Saionji slaps her. Witnessing the scene, Utena runs to Anthy and yells at Saionji. Saionji challenges Utena to a rematch. Utena refuses. Saionji tells her she must obey the rules of the rose seal; those who don’t vanish from the campus. Utena accepts the challenge.

Anthy says she thought Utena was no longer going to fight. Utena replies she has no choice, adding that she’ll simply lose on purpose tomorrow. Anthy sadly answers Utena is free to do as she wishes.

Utena returns to the dueling arena to face Saionji. Anthy goes through the ritual of pining the roses to the duelists. Anthy once again brings forth the Sword of Dios. This time Utena draws it out of her body. The duel commences. Touga watches again from afar. Saionji tells Utena the Sword of Dios has no power on its own; it must be wielded by an expert swordsman to be effective.

Utena falls to her knees. Suddenly her ring glows and a light beam from castle shines down upon Utena. The spirit of the prince from Utena’s past appears and merges with Utena giving her strength. Utena attacks Saionji, breaking his sword and cutting off his rose. Touga speculates that Utena may have used the power to revolutionize the world and been possessed by the spirit of Dios.

At the end of the night, Utena sits in the dorm waiting for Anthy to return. Anthy asks why Utena didn’t lose. Utena replies she won for the sake of Chu-Chu. If Anthy were to live with Saionji, Chu-Chu would only be teased. Anthy smiles at Utena.

Points of Interest

  • The first rematch of the series: Utena Tenjou vs. Saionji Kyouichi.

Characters & Voice Actors

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