Focal Point: The Mark of the Leaf

Focal Point: The Mark of the Leaf is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 06/16/2004
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Search for Tsunade Arc

Focal Point: The Mark of the Leaf - 木ノ葉マークと額当て (Konoha māku to hitaiate)

Naruto manages to complete the first step of his training. But the next step, making a rubber ball explode with chakra, proves extremely difficult.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

At the hospital of the Hidden Leaf Village, Sasuke is still asleep in bed as Sakura watches over him. Elswhere at the Hidden Sound Village, Orochimaru suffers from the jutsu the Third Hokage performed that made it impossible for him to use his arms. In a rage, he murders one of his own followers who as tending to him. Kabuto returns and laments now having to clean the room of the body and blood. He tries to tell Orochimaru to take his medicine, but he's tired of such lip service. Tired of this conversation, he asks if a certain person has been located yet. Kabuto confirms that she's been located in Tanzaku Town. Kabuto is cautious since their target is one of the three Sannin.

Back at Naruto having just finished step two of his just training, he looks at the tomoe mark Jiraiya just painted on his hand. He shows Naruto that his right palm also holds the same mark. When he asks what is means, Jiriaya asks if he was the type who got yelled at for not concentrating in school. He holds out a blank sheet of paper and tells Naruto to look into it. He does and Jiriya writes a tomoe on the paper and tells him to look again. His eyes are drawn into the mark and he asks what this is about. Jiriaya explains that when the paper was blank that he just looked at it all over, but when eh wrote the make his eyes were only focused on that singular spot. He goes on to say that when he opened that hole in the rubber ball that he was concentrating so hard to fill the chakra up in his hand. What he lacked was a concentrated target. he now wants Naruto to focus the chakra from his right hand onto that small mark in his palm.

Back at training, Naruto is pushing the chakra and trying to focus it. The ball warps and pops a small hole once more. So, he grabs another ball to try again. Back in town, Jiriaya asks a man working a mask stall for some information. At the Hidden Sound Village, Kabuto and Orochimaru behind to leave for their own search for Tsunade. The next day, Naruto continues his concentration lesson, and Jiriaya shows Tsuande's picture around town. Naruto has pushed himself to exhaustion as he falls against the tree. He still doesn't understand what it means to concentrate.

On the road at night, Orochimaru collapses in pain as he curses the Third Hokage for what he has done to him. The next day, Jiraiya brings another bag of balls for Naruto and goes back to try and find more information. Frustrated, Naruto throws the ball to the back of his head but he catches it in his teeth, calling a strike. Now that they played some catch. He takes off, laughing all the way. Though, as he walks away he thinks how Naruto has the ability to reach the Fourth Hokage's skill with this jutsu. That night, Jiraiya still shows Tsunade's picture around. Though at first he gets nowhere. Some of the men Tsunade was gambling with a month ago say they know her. Jiraiya offers to buy him a drink, but the man says that he won a lot of money off of her. The man said that after losing she was going to change locations.

Orochimaru and Kabuto have finally arrived at Tanzaku Town where Tsunade is staying. In town, Tsunade is playing the button slots. Surprisingly, she gets a straight Three 7s and wins the jackpot. Though Shizune is excited, Tsuande looks deeply concerned. She keeps playing and still continues to get straight 7s. Still, Tsunade only looks worried that a person such as herself would be on such a streak.

Nearing closer to town, Kabuto recalls the information he knows about Tsuande from being part of the medical corps. he was the first to propose adding medical specialist onto ninja teams of four. Orochimaru explains how such an idea was born from many sacrifices in war.

Naruto is now collapsed on the ground feeling as if he's failing. Over and over he tries to think of what concentration means. He tries to focus on a single spot, but all that comes to mind if when Jairaiya had that funny look in his face with the ball in his mouth. Busting out laughing he loses all concentration. Jiraiya suddenly sneezes and thinks some young woman is talking about him.

In Tanzuka Town, Shizune follows Tsunade out of the gambling parlor, confused why Tusnade looks so upset after being on such a winning streak. She says she has a bad feeling about this town and they they should hurry to leave. Shizune wants to stay in this tourist resort to at least see the local castle. Naruto looks into the sky. He gets up to try again and falls over in pain just from trying to build his chakra. Unknown to him, Jiriaya hides among to trees to watch over Naruto, thinking he might be at his limit.

Naruto and the others learn the importance of the Hidden Leaf symbol and concentration
Naruto and the others learn the importance of the Hidden Leaf symbol and concentration

Naruto's forehead protector slips off as he says he'll take a chance to rest. The leaves from the trees fill the sky as he drifts off. A single leaf falls onto his forehead and sticks. The memories of Iruka come to mind. He starts to remember as a child at the Ninja Academy. He among many other from his class were far from well behaved students. One day, Iruka held Naruto after class along with Choji, Kiba, and Shikamaru. He tells them they don't have any concentration at all. Kiba can't sit still, Shikamaru only yawns, and Choji's hungry. Frustrated by their behavior, he tells them he's going to hold them after class for extra lessons on concentration. He tosses a single leaf onto each of their foreheads. he's going to have them perform the same thing their ancestors did as part of training in concentration. They are to build up chakra and concentrate it on the leaf to the forehead. The one who hones their concentration is a great ninja. This is the origin of the Hidden Leaf's symbol, but Naruto and the boys think it's just something he made up. He blows the leaf off his head, and they all bolt to escape. Naruto now looks into the palm of his hand and wishes he'd paid more attention to that lesson. Licking his thumb, he changes the tomoe on his palm to the Hidden Leaf's symbol. He gets back up, determined to master this step.

Shizune marvels at the sigh of Tanzaku Castle, but Tsunade calls them to hurry to leave town. She looks to the castle feeling a chill. Back at Naruto, he's finally ready to focus on concentration. he imagines the chakra flowing to the Leaf symbol on his palm in a flow. he pushes the chakra into the ball and it steadily increases. More and more he pushes, then there is a sudden wave of an explosion that blows him off his feet. He's thrown back with such forces that he's only stopped when caught by Jiriaya. He looks down to see a burn on his steaming right hand. Step two is completed. Naruto wants to hurry to step three, but Jiraiya tells him that is can wait now that he knows where to find Tsunade. At Tanzaku Town, the castle in front of Tsunade is demolished in seconds by a giant snake with Orochimaru riding it. he looks down laughing and announces that he's found her.

Points of Interest

  • On the slot machine when Tsunade gets the 777. There are three animals on the other slot positions. There is a frog, a slug, and a snake. This is similar to the summoned animals the the Three Sannin. Jiriaya summons frogs, Tsunade summons slugs, and Orochimaru summons snakes.
  • In Japanese culture, it's a rumor that if someone is talking about you when you aren't around that you sneeze.
  • In this episode it's never explained how Orochimaru could perform a summoning with his arms disabled. It's later revealed that Kabuto performed the snake summoning for him, using the tattoos on his master's arms.
  • Though Hinata Hyuga is seen this episode, she has no spoken lines.

Ending Theme-

"Ima made Nando mo (今まで何度も)" by the Mass Missile

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Kabuto YakushiSummoning Justu

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