Fly! To Your Friends!

Fly! To Your Friends! is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 06/18/2011
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Happy and Charle escape from Nichiya and Nadi; they meet a couple who were cast out from the Exceeds. After doing some chores and taking refuge in the couple's home, Happy and Charle learn to open their hearts when the female Exceed help them. In the sky, Happy and Charle finally open up their wings because they clear their minds of their ordeals and focus on saving their friends.

Minor scenes include Lucy Heartphilia talking to the guards, Natsu Dragion picking up Lucy Ashuray, and Natsu and Wendy's struggle to get free.

Plot Summary

Happy and Charle running away
Happy and Charle running away

A recap of Happy screaming that they are "Fairy Tail Wizards!" begins the show. Nadi asks Nichiya if they are fallen ones. Nichiya has called them fallen angels who have lost their wings while Nadi calls them filth. Nichiya and the guards chase them. In prison, Natsu gets frustrated and attacks the door with fire. Yet, this is a thought bubble of Natsu breathing fire. In another cell, Lucy wakes up and realizes what has happened. She begins to yell at the guards to free her while the guards thinks she is loud.

A rough layout of Edolas' islands
A rough layout of Edolas' islands

In town, Happy and Charle flee from the Royal Guards. Happy grabs Charle and hide in a cart full of hay. Nichiya trips in front of the cart and tells himself that he is not tired but still young. Suddenly, the cart starts to move and runs over Nichiya and down a hill. As Happy grabs Charle's hand tight, the cart falls over the cliff. Charle points to an enormous lacrima floating in the sky. Happy notes that they are on a floating island. Happy ask her how are they going to reach the Royal City.

"Get off my fields!!"
"Get off my fields!!"

Lucky finds Charle and Happy and learn that they are the fallen ones. Happy sees Nichiya on the cliff; Lucky tells them to get out of his fields and to get into his house. Lucky gets angry at Happy who thinks the man would turn him and Charle in to the Royal Guards. Marl asks the young Exceeds their names. In the house, Marl offers two blue fishes. When Happy thanks Marl, Lucky gets angry and tells Happy to eat. Marl tells them that they are also fallen ones just like them. Lucky tells Marl to stop talking because it is not Happy's business to know. Then Lucky yells "Kah!" at Happy and tells him to help with the chores after eating. After a lot of "Kah!," he tells Happy to keep plowing the field. Happy whispers something about Lucky, but Lucky hears it and yells at him. Lucky demonstrates how a man plows the field which Happy thinks he is like Elfman. Happy compliments Lucky while he gets yelled by Lucky. Happy does his whisper thing again, but Lucky hears it. (running gags)

Lucy wants out
Lucy wants out

Charle is punching holes into a yellow, lime-like fruit. Marl notes that Charle has not smiled ever since. Marl tells Happy and Lucky to come in for drinks. At the castle, Faust stares with an evil look. In Lucy's cell, she now has her hands bound with sticky goo. Even though the guards loosen her shackles, she yells at them to free her hands. The guards think Lucy is a stereotypical Earthland woman. Lucy senses that the sticky goo is preventing her from using her magic to summon her celestial spirits.

Edo-Lucy bullying Edo-Natsu
Edo-Lucy bullying Edo-Natsu

In the desert, Natsu Dragion sees Lucy Ashuray doing the hitchhiking thing. Natsu tells Lucy that the car's lacrima is low due to helping Earthland Natsu and his group reach the Royal City. Edo-Lucy grabs Edo-Natsu out of the car and tortures him with her Studly Bomber technique.

Happy doing a few chores for the couple
Happy doing a few chores for the couple

At Lucky and Marl's home, Happy is busy fixing the roof. He whispers that he is grateful for him hiding them from the Royal Guards, but thinks Lucky is too strict. Lucky who overheard this tells Happy to not complain. When Happy think of Natsu, he almost falls over the roof. Inside the house, Marl notes that Charle has not smiled the whole time despite having such a beautiful face. Marl read Charle's expressions and knows that she is struggling with something. Charle admits this. Outside the home, Happy is splitting logs. Lucky shows that he is ready to teach Happy a lesson. The two start a log splitting competition. When they try to cut the last log, they both miss for some odd reason. The two then laugh at each other until Lucky tells him to take a bath.

A young Charle and Wendy
A young Charle and Wendy

Inside the house, Charle's flashback begins where a young Wendy is running after a young Charle near the Caitshelter guild. Wendy trips, and Charle tells her to go home, but Wendy asks Charle to be friends with her. After the flashback ends, Happy and Charle are sitting on the porch. Marl walks up behind them; she asks the young Exceeds who gave them their names since Happy and Charle were born in Earthland. Only Happy says his friend's name while Charle just says "a friend." When Charle tells Marl about making friends with humans is wrong in Extalia, Marl believes that making friends is not all about race. Furthermore, Marl tells them that the shape of a loving heart is the same for everyone. Charle tells her that her heart is not the same because she betrayed Wendy. However, Happy tells her that their hearts want to rescue their friends. Marl reassures Charle that she will open up her heart to find the love and compliments Happy for being a knight. Finally, Charle smiles for the first time.

Happy's parents tearfully bid him farewell
Happy's parents tearfully bid him farewell

When Charle states that the Exceeds think they are "Angels," Marl gives an example that the queen collected a 100 eggs without letting the parents see their children's faces. It was a project that sent 100 eggs into Earthland. Marl tells them that they got kicked out of Extalia because they protested against the Queen's orders. With that example, she tells them that they are not gods or angels but parents. Lucky barges in and tells Happy that living is happiness. He tells Happy and Charle to get out of here. Happy and Charle decide to head out to rescue their friends. As they leap off the cliff, Happy tells Charle that they must move forward, and Charle tells him that their hearts were once full of uneasiness. Happy and Charle's wings emerge, and they soar like angels. Marl and Lucky watch them fly away. A flashback of Marl and Lucky fighting to get Happy's egg is revealed to the viewers. When Marl thinks that Charle is Happy's girlfriend, Lucky thinks he is too young (he says about 100 years too young).

Points of Interest

  • Lucky and Marl are the parents of Happy
  • Running Gags: Happy whispering while Lucky hears it and yells at him; Lucky constantly yelling at and scaring Happy
  • Lucky says "Aye" at the end of the episode after watching his son and Charle fly in the sky.
  • Catchphrases: Happy goes "Aye!" while his father, Lucky, goes "Kah!"

Manga & Anime Differences

Anime-only scenes

  • Nichiya and Nady talk to each other before Happy runs off with Charle
  • Happy's chores with Lucky (father)
  • Charle's flashback with Wendy
  • Natsu Dragion picking up Lucy Ashuray
  • Lucy Ashuray beating up Natsu Dragion
  • Natsu and Wendy's conversation in prison
  • Nichiya tripping during the chase of Happy and Charle
  • Extra scene of Marl and Lucky fighting to save Happy's egg
  • Nichiya on the cliff
  • Marl and Lucky saying each other's names when they watch Happy fly away with Charle

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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