Flower Power

Flower Power is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 11/07/1999

Fog (caused by Myotismon) begins to spread around a region of Tokyo, rendering all forms of digital communication and public transport into the area useless. The next morning, a horde of Bakemon lead by Phantomon appear to round up residents into a nearby center where Myotismon is holding Gatomon captive. Amongst the people captured are Mimi (with Palmon) and Sora (alone), and Sora remembers how she and Joe defeated Bakemon in her last encounter, using intimidating chants. So, she explains her idea and the people begin fighting back against the Bakemon. When DarkTyrannomon appears and hope seems lost, Palmon digivolves to Lillymon to neutralise his evil intentions. Biyomon also shows up, digivolving to scare Phantomon and the Bakemon away. Meanwhile, Tai and Kari have met up with Matt in a nearby location, where he is updated on Kari's new status as the eighth child. At that point, Myotismon decides he's had enough, and takes on the Lillymon himself.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Dorothy Elias-Fahn ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
Kinoko Yamada ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)


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Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru Character Artist/Designer Character Designer for various animes.


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