Flint the Time Detective

Flint the Time Detective is an anime series
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Petrafina Dagmar (accompanied by her two stooges, Might and Dyno) wants to loot the past so that the Dark Lord can destroy the Land of Time. Each period contains a special critter called a time-shifter, each of which possesses a magical power. To coin a phrase, Petra wants to "catch 'em all." Time-shifters keep the very fabric of time together, and their theft is policed by the Bureau of Time & Space Investigations. In one million b.c., Petra demands that caveboy triceratops-herder Flint Hammerhead (Genshi) and his father hand over Getalong (a penguin-like time-shifter whose power is to ensure that everyone gets along). When they refuse, she turns her fossilizer ray on them then returns to the 25th century to dig them up. Using her modern-day disguise as schoolteacher Miss Aino (pronounced and spelled "Iknow"), she encourages her class to go out and find fossils for her. However, twins Sarah and Tony take their fossil to their uncle, Bernie Goodman, at the Bureau. Bernie, with a little behind-the-scenes help from the Dark Lord's adversary the Old-Timer, defossilizes Flint with one of his gizmos. The process has given Flint superhuman strength, so he is enlisted in the Bureau. Flint's father remains a talking rock, so Bernie carves him into a stone axe for Flint and installs a fossilizer/defossilizer ray in the haft. Each week, Flint is called upon to foil Petra's latest scheme in a different time period. Some of her temporal interferences include imprisoning and taking the place of Japan's ancient queen Himiko (see Dark Myth) and instilling a lust for gold into the Conquistadors. A rehash of the successful Time Bokan series but with a monster-collecting angle bolted on for the 1990s, Flint was snatched up in the tidal wave of post-Pokémon anime interest and brought to the U.S. in record time by Digimon-producers Saban Entertainment.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Toshio Masuda
Hiroshi Fukutomi

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General Information Edit
Name Flint the Time Detective
Name: 時空探偵ゲンシクン
Romaji: Jiku Tantei Genshi Kun
Publisher Group TAC
Start Year 1998
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Aliases Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun
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