FLCL Limited Edition Blu-Ray hits Japan on August 18th

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on July 27, 2010. Last post by RecSpec 4 years, 8 months ago.
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We've known about the release of classic Gainax anime FLCL to Blu-Ray since January or so, and I've been applauding FUNimation ever since  -- I've wanted to rewatch the show in crisp high definition for years. We discovered today (Via Anime News and Gainax blog) that a release date of August 18th has been announced for Japan for the Limited Edition boxset, which contains the complete series, new art from character designer Yoshiuki Sadamoto, TV spots, a bonus music disc, and best of all, English subtitles! Whee!
Play-Asia has preorders open already for the box set, which will retail for a whopping $165 but is still well worth it if you ask me. What say you? A must buy, or too pricey?
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Too Pricey. But with Blu-ray prices here could the regular boxset be around $100? I'm sorry but no matter how big a fan I am I'm not paying those kind of prices for 6 eps (or 26 for that matter). Never watched the subs though and the music is ok by itself. Limited Editions haven't been on the top of my list so I'll wait for the dub release.

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Funi announced this so I'd just wait for that rather than shell out $165 plus shipping.  Even with all of the bonus content in it I think like $60 is the most I'd pay if I was an ultra hardcore fan of the series.
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I bought this series on DVD years ago so I won't be double dipping.  But even if I didn't own it I wouldn't pay $165+. I'd wait for Funi's release instead.
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WAY too much $.
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WAY to much! But it is the Japanese version, right? I guess it would be wishful thinking to hope for an english version...
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 OBJECTION!  That's to much money!
 OBJECTION!  That's to much money!
Post by Gasero (167 posts) See mini bio Level 9
I can't be the only person that thinks FLCL is overrated. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, but overall the OVA makes no sense and its only the cool/wacky designs and animation that kept me watching. I would never watch multiple times or collect it though.
I remember seeing the original DVDs at retail: $30 for 2 episodes. Seems like the series is still overvalued
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Already have whatever collectors edition they released back in the day (With the postcards and the shirt and all) I really don't see what they can add to make it worth THAT much.
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