What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?! FLCL Episode #1

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 The only time I've seen an axe used like a chainsaw... HA HA...
 The only time I've seen an axe used like a chainsaw... HA HA...

I figured I’d mix things up a little for this column and stick with a series for a review instead of watchin’ and reviewin’ the pilot only. I deem FLCL was the most appropriate choice since the series is only six episodes long and, as Gia recently informed, its tenth anniversary’s coming up next month. I’ve actually been meaning to watch this for about ten years, anyway, because my friend, the cartoonist Lars Brown, was really pushing his recommendation of the show around then. I skipped out of the chance to watch it when Adult Swim was airing the episodes since I heard their versions were heavily cut.

This series certainly has a lot to live up, given all the hype I’ve encountered over the years. Lars described the whole thing as a verging on a life changing experience and, among other thing, watching it was “what it’s like to fall in love for the first time.” That’s a tall order to fill, to be sure.

Having just watched the first episode, I can safely say that I’m seriously digging the start this anime is off to. It has that kind of exuberant surrealism I’ve gravitated to in Western stories and have tried consciously to capture in my own work. The best description I can give of FLCL is that the whole thing plays like an adolescent boy’s sugar-induced fever dream. You’ve got this frenetic mash-up of  rock ‘n roll and manga rolling out with some intriguing Freudian symbolism. Sometimes a pipe is just a pipe, to be sure, but there’s no doubting what that stiff, upright horn of flesh sticking out of Naota after his first meeting with spunky older girl, Haruko, is supposed to symbolize.

 I'm surprised no band has copied this composition for an album cover.
 I'm surprised no band has copied this composition for an album cover.

Hormones are definitely running thick throughout this and I can’t help but smirk about the description of the series I found in Anime Vice’s database while researching this. “[Naota] spends time with his brother's girlfriend Mamimi, who he has a slight crush on…” A SLIGHT crush one? Sheesh… there really aren’t too many ways that girl could be much more blatant about coming on to him. Forget factory-sized steam irons and vespa-driving girls from outerspace, the fact that this kid (even at his age) could be that oblivious to such obvious advances and still have a “slight crush” has to be the biggest suspension of disbelief, here.

Looking back over this, I realize that I didn't bring up the mecha that spontaneously erupt from Noata’s head. Perhaps I’ve been desensitized to such phenomena by one “What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?” pilot too many. Or perhaps it’s so natural to the show's dreamy atmosphere that I just take it for granted.  Either way, I’m definitely eager to see what happens next now that mech’s moving in for episode two. Sit tight for my take, tomorrow.

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Maybe it was just a bad sub that i was watching but i tried to watch the show and couldn't make it far past episode one or two. I couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on, and the subtitles ran by faster then i could read them. I might give it a try some time in the far off future, but as for right now i have far too many other things i would rather be watching to keep watching it only to hope it gets better.
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Mamimi's crush is...on his brother.  It's...bizarrely complicated.  She doesn't really like Naota, I don't think.  That's just the closest thing she can get to the real deal.  That's how I saw it...I think.  It's been a while since I sat down and watched it.
It's either that or she doesn't like either of them to begin with, and just wants the attention. 


Er, watch it in English?  The English dub came out pretty well.  FUNimation is re-releasing the series with the original dubbing soon.  I mean, it's only 6 episodes.  It won't take much time. :)
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this show was crazy, and its on adult swim on sunday morning at about 2-3am.
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@Kris: I didn't know there was a dub, i will look into it.
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It blowed my fucking mind....
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It confused me while blowing my mind. I gotta watch the sub since I only saw the dub.
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yeah, FLCL is a pretty amazing anime.
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@Kris: I tried watching it subbed first and also found out too fast to keep up with. Watching it over in dubbed is a much better experience. They did a good job and made it very lively.
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They Definatly need to make more but wat sux is that there only 6 episodes i mean jez at least amke it more of a rounded number like ten cause now its like totally open for a "what the hell moment" i mean now i dont know what his brother looks like i dont know if he Mammi breaks up with his older bro and goes out with him i mean it not asking that much just to make one more episode right i mean this series was absolutly hilarious even my friends that i didnt even know watch anime quite recently told me they loved this series when they watched it. all i know is i wish it didnt stop there    
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