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 Considering how interest in this is so perennial, I'm still really surprised there's no follow-up.
 Considering how interest in this is so perennial, I'm still really surprised there's no follow-up.

I just recently received a copy of the new FLCL re-release DVD in the mail from Funimation. Normally, I might review it for Watch & Learn but, seeing as how I did that already and it wasn’t too long ago (I even wrote a beginner’s guide for the series!) I figured that’d be a tad redundant. In lieu of another episode-by-episode breakdown, I think I’ll just evaluate the product as product.

It’s a slick package with a new spiffy new cover and a design motif that’s more colorful and appealing than the last DVD collection. The picture has been cleaned up to bring out more of the water color texture in the animation. While the re-mastering isn’t the absurd kind that makes it look like it was animated (though that may very well be the experience on Blu-Ray) it still looks much cleaner than any previous version I’ve seen.

The special features are a concise selection. There are a handful of AMVs re-editing clips of the show to full cuts of the Pillows’ music, as well as a fun “low-budg” music video of the live band playing in a boiler room that’s lit like a night club. Muppet monkeys show up in that clip, so it does indeed fit the absurdist proclivity of FLCL. There’s also a novel feature that includes bloopers for the American voice cast. It’s funny to hear them struggle with particular Japanese words or the rapid cadence of the characters' delivery while the animation itself continues on, uninterrupted.

Finally, each episode has a commentary track by the original directors with an additional English subtitle feed to let you know what they’re saying. The discussion topics seem very much in line with Gainax’s artistic tendencies, with the first episode starting with a discussion about right-handedness and left-handedness and the comparative benefits thereof.

Considering that, as recently as a year ago, it was difficult for me to find a complete set of FLCL at a reasonable price, I’d say this handsome one-disc (!) set soundly fills a very real, empty space in consumer’s demand. Like putting all your favorite music into your iPhone, it’s very handy to get the whole series together in one place. You can find out how to get it here.

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I want to buy this series... so bad!
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They really did a nice job with the box. Very attractive. It will be hard to pull myself away if I ever see that in a store.  
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I'd rather have the Blu-ray. A must have if you ask me, though.
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Did they change anything with the audio mixing?  I remember watching this on Cartoon Network and often there'd be dialog being spoken but the music would be blaring in the background as loud, if not louder, than the actual dialog.  It always gave me the impression that the credits were about to come up or a montage was about to happen.
Did they fix/change that for this release?
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FLCL had those overpriced DVD sets for the longest time. There were 3 DVDs at $30USD each. That's $90USD for 6 episodes! Hopefully this boxset will destroy the resell value of those overpriced DVDs because that was ridiculous to me. I watched FLCL when it aired on TV and while the visuals were kinda cool and different, it is only a one time experience in my opinion.
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How would you rate the show overall?  I didn't read the episode episode break down because the first few episodes of this when I saw it before were waaay to crazy even for me.  People talk about how crazy lain, and Eva are but they have nothing on this show.  Those at least seemed like they were supposed to make sense and in the end did.  This one just seemed like wackiness for the sake of wackiness which doesn't appeal to me.  What was your overall experience?
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If its a reasonable price I might finally pick it up.  One of the few animes I have always wanted to own but dont.
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I really enjoyed FLCL when I watched it. I'll have to pick this up someday soon.
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i'm going to get it tomorrow...........can't wait!!!!
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*owns the original DVD releases from Synch Point.*
The re-release actually retains the original features? I would have thought Funimation would have trimmed on special features like they did for Trigun and Last Exile.
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@sotyfan16 said:

" I'd rather have the Blu-ray. A must have if you ask me, though. "

For a 10 year old animation, do you think the Blu-Ray would be worth it? Granted on Amazon it's only like $5 more, but $25 for 6 episodes. I might just get the DVD for $20 or wait to see if it goes on sale.
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@sotyfan16 said:
" I'd rather have the Blu-ray. A must have if you ask me, though. "
Apparently the up conversion on the blu ray edition is not great
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The price/episode isn't very good but if there is an anime I like and want and it has a Blu-ray release then I buy it because I like having Blu-ray.
I've heard that about a couple of series but each time I've been very happy with the upscales.
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I bought the boxed collector's edition DVD years ago....came with a free shirt voucher (which rocks), sticker, bonus  content, awesome hard case, etc. This is the one I got: 
I don't know if the BD is worth it.  I'll see a friend's copy and check out the transfer before I commit to this   Amazon currently has the BD of this for $20.99, so if someone thinks this is too much obviously don't buy much anime....
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@Sammo21: I bought the same one back in the day. 
I doubt the Blu-Ray would be worth it. There is no HD version of FLCL. The highest res that exists is 480p. The best they would do is just upscale it. Unless they were willing to put the resources in to redo it, which would cost a lot of time and money.
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@RecSpec: I went ahead and got the BD because of the price on Amazon.  Samurai Champloo is the only anime going to BD right now that I really care about.
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