FLCL-Band the PILLOWS Tours California

Topic started by No_name_here on April 1, 2010. Last post by Boddington 5 years ago.
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 Ahhh... they're so blase about it all.
 Ahhh... they're so blase about it all.

One thing I’ve been enjoying about FLCL as I’ve been watching and reviewing it has been alt rock soundtrack, something I haven’t really encountered in all my anime viewing. It’s sort of been like watching an animated (500) DAYS OF SUMMER or GARDEN STATE. So my interest perked a bit when Gia recently let me know that the Pillows, who contributed to FLCL’s soundtrack, have announced plans to tour the state that’s currently my home - - California.

Sadly, their tour’s a might short, being comprised of only two Golden State gigs in the merry month of May. The first is in San Francisco on the 21 and the second’s in Pomona on the 23.  They’ll be supported by fellow bands signed to the Delicious label: noodles, monokuro, and POP CHOCOLAT.  Hm… those sound like parts of for a delicious dinner one might enjoy from room service while sprawled out on some pillows in a hip, exotic hotel. Maybe not. My mind makes odd associations sometime.

Check out Delcious’ website for more info. Now that you know this, will any of you Bay Area-based Anime Vice lunatics go out to see the show?  I’d put a safe bet that at least some of the AV staff will mosey on out to the city to see this soundtrack-to-head-sprouting-mechas in real life.

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Strange links, i compltetly believe this story.
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I'm calling it now. When the band finally splits. The title of the story will be "PILLOW Fight!".
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I think I need to pay a visit to Slim's that night!
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@FoxxFireArt:  Ay-oh!
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Hot damn, The Pillows are one of my favorite Japanese bands! Their style is a nice old school rock that's easily accessible to a wide range of tastes. I will definitely plunk down the $20-something for a ticket.
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