Beginner's Guide to FLCL

Topic started by No_name_here on June 7, 2010. Last post by eroeru 2 years, 6 months ago.
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Articles like this make me miss the mid to late 90s era in anime: Evangelion, FLCL, Raxhephon, Lain, the Ghost in The Shell movie... Then again, rose-tinted glasses and the fact that licensing often filters out the crap that comes through unfiltered with the internet nowadays. 
Oh man, did I just play the "good ol' days" card? I need to lie down. 
Also @Tom_Pinchuk: I saw her first!
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Wow, who the hell is crazy enough to write a beginners guide to FOOLY COOLY?
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Gotta love FLCL. Short, memorable, stylish, and fresh. It's like the Portal of anime, I figure.
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I need to get the ultimate collectors set. This is the Anime that got me into Anime, Manga, and the Japanese culture.  It took me a about 3-6 watches to completely understand ( I was only 12 at the time) but once I got the story I watched it another 6 times.
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I have the entire series on one DVD and I think I paid about 15 bucks for mine. Which makes me wonder how much is the series actually worth. I see on amazon its like a 150 bucks tops!
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I might watch this next. Really enjoy these guides, keep up the good work.
Post by ethan (887 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@wwfunderaker: @00Raiser:  
Glad you guys like the guides we're doing. 
@nephrahim said:
" Wow, who the hell is crazy enough to write a beginners guide to FOOLY COOLY? "
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Definitely one of the best anime from the 90's. I first saw this show on Adult swim when I was 11 or 12. I am 17 now and still in my top five anime. With the character cast, awesome English dubbing (A rare thing indeed), and music from the J-Rock Gods "The Pillows" in your ears this is by far an epic anime that is severely underrated and overlooked by most newer anime fans (Bad enough shows like Dirty pair and Ranma 1/2 are dead to most anime fans).
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Being a newbie to anime, this is definitely one of my favorites.  Hell, I'd venture to say this is one of my favorite things ever EVER.  I'm glad that my super stubborn best friend decided to force me to watch the series, or else I may be just as jaded about anime as I had been for years now (thanks Iyna!). 
Great guide.
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Having watched this during puberty i can hardly look at haruko or listen the The Pillows (who supplied the soundtrack) without bursting into tears. Watching this and completely understanding it despite all the insanity odd feeling to say the least.
You poke some fun but to me FLCL was a powerful experience that portrayed puberty's internal madness in a quasi-physical manner.
I'd go so far as to say its one of the few anime that should be seen as artistic.
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not gonna lie...not a fan of this anime
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I love this series and the song Riding on Shooting Star by The Pillows. I'm going to get the freakin CD and put on my Itunes, yes. I wish I could emble this into twitter or gmail accounts, hell I might have it on my phone as a ring tone.

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Wow! i had not seen flcl in years and watched it again 3 times recently , and i have always just been on giant bomb, happened to go on animevice once and there's an article about flcl, awesome!

EDIT:one thing that should be said about flcl is that it has an amazing soundtrack

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For the love of all that is holy Gainax, why haven't you made a sequel to this series yet? It has so much potential to work off of. I don't care if it takes a 180 of it's original message and just consists of Canti and Naota beating up Medical Mechanica robots for 30 episodes, I'd still watch it.

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I'd add that I at first couldn't really get into the series, I don't like anything that doesn't make any sense. But the second time I watched I found an exceptional interpretation to it: symbolism.

Haruka is, as she at one, more mild point says herself, the personification of Youth. The guy with thick eyebrows the personification of adulthood, and others... I don't have such a clear answer to.

Viewing it with this in mind, the series really offers interesting moments to contemplate on. Like the interactions between eyebrowz and Haruka, or any of their deallings really. I was also most impressed by the episode where it's implied that "one needs to kill his father, metaphorically of course, in order to become a true adult and surpass the outgrown generation", in the vein of psychoanalysis.

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