Flay Allster

Flay Allster is a anime/manga character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise
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Flay, the daughter of Atlantic Federation Vice Foreign Minister George Allster, is a pretty, popular, and to some extent spoiled, Heliopolis technical college student. Her fiance is Sai Argyle, which was arranged by their parents. She has received a love letter from Sai, which was mentioned in episode 1 of Gundam SEED. The only one of his friends she seems familiar with is Miriallia Haw, who she shares idle gossip with shortly before ZAFT attacks Heliopolis. She only knows Kira Yamato as "Sai's friend". She escapes the destruction of Heliopolis in a lifeboat and winds up on the Archangel when Kira retrieves it while piloting the GAT-X105 Strike

On The Archangel

 A twisted land of fate lands Lacus clyne from ZAFT on the Archangel,Flay looks down on her and scorns her kindness because she's a coordinator. After hearing this Kuzzey asks her she a member of blue cosmos Flay replys with a no but she does not believe that their views are wrong because there is nothing natural about coordintors existences. Flay is happy to hear that the Archangel will be meeting her father but his escort ship goes under attack by ZAFT forces. In a desperate attempt to stop them for taking her fathers ship Flay drags Lacus out and demands the crew to make them stop attacking her father's ship or she'll kill Lacus however before they have tiem to act Flay father's ship blows up killing her father. 

 Flay is upset at the lose of her father and blames it on Kira,thinking he held back and tryed not to kill his own kind. These words effects Kira who becomes very upset by her outburst. Flay later apologizes for what she said.  The Archangel later meets with Admiral Lewis Halberton and his eighth fleet.Kira is given a choices to keep fighting. So that he continues fighting coordinator Flay enlist  in the earth allaiances and her actions convices Kira and his friends to do the same.When he returns to pick up his normal clothing from his locker,he finds Flay thinking about taking the Strike into battle. Kira reassures her that  she won't have to and that he'll protect the ship. 
Flay says that if he protects the ship she will protect him with in moments of saying that Flay kisses Kira deeply. This is the start of Flay controlling Kira,she uses his existing attraction to her and his unstable psychological state to her advantage. Later Kira breaks down because he failed to save a transport containing innocent civilians,including a little girl named Elle who gave him a
yellow origami flower to thank him for protecting the refugees. Flay comforts him which leads to them having sex in KIra's room. She wakes up naked to see Kira getting ready to go into battle. Due to Flay's influences Kira starts to use more violant fighting  sl against ZAFT forces who attack the Archangel in the North Africa and later the Indain ocean.
When the Archangel is under going repairs in Orb Flay reveals to Kira that after her fathers death she is an orphan since her mother died along time ago from a sickness along time ago. In this conversion Kira decides to end his relationship with Flay.He believes that him and her are not right for each other. It's unknown if Kira new Flay was using him or not. By this time Flay has feelings for Kira and she tries to tell him.  Shortly afterward Kira and Tolle are declared missing in action.With Kira gone Flay tries to restart her relationship with Sai,telling him she never had feelings for Kira Sai reply's back by saying that that was never true which leads to them arguing.
The arguing former couple encounter an enraged Miriallia trying to avenge Tolle's death by attacking Dearkea,who is currently a prisoner aboard the Archangel.Sai stops Miriallia and calms her down only have Flay demand that coordinators deserve to be eradicated she attempts to shoot Dearkea but is knocked down by Miriallia,Flay anger-ly demands why she did that and states that her and Miriallia are the same to this Miriallia replys back while crying there not the same. Later on Flay is transferred from the Archangel along with Mu La Flaga and Natarle Badgiruel however Flay encounters Rau Le Creuset during an infiltration mission he is conducting.Flay  encounters and is reminded of her dead father when she hears Rau's voices.He knocked Flay out and kidnapped by Rau and thus saving her life since the Alaska base explodes after that. 

Time with Le Creuset and on the Dominion

 Le creuset catches Flay off guard forceing her to revalutate  her feelings towards coordinators. Every so often she would sneak glances at Yzak every so often and thinks of him and Rau and Kira when Muruta Azrael reveals his goal of eliminating all coordinators.Eventually Le Creuset hands her back to the earth alliances along with a disk containing the specs to the n-jammer canceler technology.While in the life pod she desperately try's to communicate with the Archangel and in doing so everybody on the battlefeild hears her including Kira. When she hears Kira voices she weeps with joy however Kira fails to get to her in time and the Freedom os behead by the forbidden and the Raider and she ends up on Dominion instead. When Flay is greeted by Natarle who she knows,she starts to cry in her arms.
After brief stay on the earth alliances lunar base Flay becomes a communication officer on the Dominion.Natarle ask her why and Flays tells her her reason why which is so she can see Kira and everyone again and talk. While abroad the ship Flay witnesses the destruction of ZAFT fortress Boaz  with nuclear missiles. Despite her earlier hate towards coordinators as well as her saying earlier that all coordinators should be eradicated,Flay becomes horrified by this act and cry's when Natarle says the war will not end until every last ememy is destoryed.During the battle of Jachin Due Flay becomes fightened of Azrael however when Azrael orders to fire at the Archangel Flay tires to warn her former crewmates.
Azrael try's to shot her but is stop by Natarle who orders her and the rest of the crew to leave the ship and get to the Archangel.The route to the Archangel Flay see's Kira and Rau battleing in their respective moblie suits which are the Freedom and the Providence.Whe nKira hears her voices he backs out of the fight with Rau inorder to save her. Instead of going after Kira Rau fires his beam rifle at her  escape vessel.Kira blocks it using his sheild however one of Rau's DRAGOONS fires from above causing the vessel to blow up killing Flay and her crew.

Kira crys out in anguish relizing Flay's death could have been prevented if he hadn't lost focus on Rau however Flay's sprit appears before him to thank him and apologize to Kira.She assures him that her feelings will protect him and disappears. KIra later avenges Flay by killing Rau in combat.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Houko Kuwashima
Tabitha St. Germain
Rank Game #135 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Flay Allster
Name: フレイ・アルスター
Romanji: Furei Arusutā
Gender: Female
Birthday: 03/15/2001
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed #1
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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