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The town of Lavaridge
The town of Lavaridge

Relaxing after a long day
Relaxing after a long day

These are only two of the six drawigs I have of flannery. I am going to put the others on this site on January 30, 2010, or whenever my next chance to use a computer will be.(I'm on an iPod Touch <(^•^)>, so it won't work if I try now.) I also have two unfinished Flannery Fan Art, and three other finished drawings of Professer Birch and Brendan getting chased by two mightyena, Wallace and his darling Milotic, and finaly, May asking Brawly for a rematch to see how much stronger he became(And he's downright refusing of course!). I will post those as soon as I am able too. Feel free to copy and paste these pictures and do as you wish with them, heck, if you can put it on photo shop and fix it up! (•-•)
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@Flannery:  This would have made an excellent blog post.
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After seeing computer edited/colored works for so long, I forgot how rich and textured colors on a page are. Keep up the good work.
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