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This is only the begining of the story, and since my iPod touch is not compatible with somthing in your Fan-fic section, you will have to read it here. I have about two more months worth of typing to do I'd say, this took me about....I'd say a week.
  In a region called Hoen, in a small town named Lavaridge, our story begins... On a warm summers' evening, Flannery was sitting in the living room watching T.V. while taking down her hair. The program she is watching is the news. "...just now receiving a signal from Ty and Gabby, it should come through shortly..." the news anchor was saying. Mura, Flannery's Grandfather walks in at this moment, "I've been waiting to hear this story," he said while jabbing his finger at the T.V. as he sits down the news anchor says " we've got the feed, here it is." Gabby appears on screen from the camera Ty is holding. "I am witnessing the most ferocious pokemon battle I have ever seen!!!" she said with almost no self control. "And that includes the battle of Kyoger and Groudon!" "this Charzard is more powerful than any pokemon I've ever seen in my life!" "the crator from the power of it's blast-burn is about 100 feet in diamiter!" Gabby hoarsly rasped. Flannery and Mura were just staring at the tv in amazment, for on the tv there is a trainer with a charzard battling against a camper with a Numel at the foot of Mt. Chimmney. Gabby says, "one hit finished off that poor numel with no problem...." "wait a sec, what's he doing now?" for the trainer of the charzard is walking towards the fainted numel. "hey, he just pulled somthing out of his pocket and fed it to the numel..." gabby had said. " I bet it's a revive of some sort." mura commented. Shure enough, the numel got up and was full of energy. "hey, it was a max revive!" " he ain't so brutal after all!" gabby said, and as she said that mura shifted uncomtorbly. Flannery didn't notice though, but she said, " that trainer reminds me of a couple dreams I had..." at that moment gabby says, " I think we found ourselves a trainer to follow, we will get as much info as we can from this intreging trainer..." and the feed ended there at witch point the news ancher came back into veiw. She said, "now THAT was shocking!" " it's going to be hard to find a story to rival that one." " well, in other news..." "That realy was shocking..." flannery said. "Well I knew they were talking about a strong trainer when they anounced it earlier, but geeze..." mura mumbled. "Flanny, yo--" "I told you not to call me that any more! I'm not a little girl, i'm Eight-teen years old now, I don't need my childhood name being thrown around like garbage, it's emberassing!" flannery yelled. "I'm sorry, old habbits die hard they say," "but as I was saying you need to be carful, you saw were he was, that was barely a days walk from here and I think that he's taking the leage challenge, so that means he will be facing you soon." "my god... I didn't think about that..." flannery wispered with a horor-stricken face. "Calm down, I'll see what I can do. You might be able to use my typhlosion too, but we will see." mura reassured flannery. "Come on, dinner is almost ready." mura beckoned. They both got up from the couch and walked to the dining room, mura went into the kitchen while flannery sat down. "grampa, do you realy think the director will let me borrow your pokemon for an offical gym battle?" flannery inquiered. " well, my past status a an elite four member should help but we will see it all depends." he said while carrying over the dinner of spagetti and meat balls. "grampa, I've always heard you speak of the elite four, but you never go into detail about it, how come?" flannery asks. " my past is emberassing and horrible and I wish not to speak of it." " but if it's that bad, won't the director say no?" " I'm not sure, that's why I said we will see."they sit in silence and eat for a while then flannery says, " I hate how much hair spray and gel it takes to put my hair up!" "well mabey you should cut it as I've said many times." mura replies. "No! You know I don't look even close to desent with short hair!" flannery reasons. "Well, then stop complaining" mura said. "But it's nasty to clean every day...." she persists.  The next morning is just as hot if not hotter then yesterday, and there is only two people enjoying it. That would of course be flannery, but the other person? Not mura, he's sweating his butt off training flannery in the gym. So who could it be? None other than our mystery trainer soaring high above the clouds on his good friend Charm. "Hey charm, look at this veiw!" " I knew it was beautiful here but this is breathtaking." charzard growls in response. " yes your right the heat feels good too." he said.(Wait a second!  He can communicate with pokemon?!!?) "hey, Ho-oh, do you think this is as nice as Joto?"(oh, not only is he flying with charm, but Moltrice and Ho-oh too.) Ho-oh gives a musical reply. "Wow so you think it's better? Now your suprising me this time around!" ( I guess he can talk with them... Cool.) " well there's lavaridge, I don't know what else to do so let's go." while they soar down, as was mentioned earlier, flannery is trying to get acustomed to battling with typhlosion. And it didn't seem to be going well... "come on Ty! I said focus blast!...please listen to me..." "flannery, I don't think he's going to listen to you, I'm sorry but your going to have to use your pokemon." mura said. "Well at least I tried." mumbled flannery. " yes, and that's what mostly counts" mura sagely comented. At that moment the intercom pinged {BEEP
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