Flannery as I know her.

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Flannery is a very compasionate person hence her motto "Burn With Passion" her passion is to live up to HER expectations and get to understand pokemon and people from around the world. Her gradfather has a nickname for her that she absolutely despises. That name is Flanny. And I think he uses it on perpose just to give her a laugh when she is upset or feeling "out of it".  Her exact eye color is a very deep shade of a kind of pink ruby red, her hair is a light shade of cardinal red with a mix of a dark ruby red. She is about 5' 11" or 71 inches tall. Her last name is Moore for she "adopted" her grandfather's last name early in her childhood. The black shirt you see her wearing is of her own design the flame on it resembles a red rose as well as fire. Her hair is only put up in that pony-tail to keep it out of the way in the gym.
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@Flannery: Did you copy and paste that from a word document?
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No, I'm using my iPod touch and it's acting kinda funny.....
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