Flannery is a anime/manga character in the Pokémon franchise
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She is the Leader of the Lavaridge Town Gym, where she uses fire Pokemon. Like Janine of Fuchsia City, she is a Second Generation gym leader.

Flannery's History In Pokemon


Just another victory
Just another victory
Flannery's first appearence in the manga series Pokemon Adventures happens while May is on her way to Lavaridge to challenge Flannery to a gym battle. Flannery gets a call about a powerful trainer making their way through the Hoen Leage Gyms. Unfortunatly, Team Aqua is in the area and apperantly they still have some "Beef" with May. A Team Aqua Adamin overhears the call and sets up an ambush; he kidnapps Flannery, and takes her to the cable cars above Mt. Chimmney to use as bait to lure May in. In spite of all May's awareness to nature and whatnot, she still got lured in. When May enters the cable car, the Adamin slams the door shut and states that he is going to get rid of both of them. He sends a Sharpedo out and fills the whole car with water. Flannery is unconsious within seconds, May on the otherhand, with her atuned skills holds her breath the whole three or so minutes, and even battles. May figures out a strategy to beat the Sharpedo by embeding it's teeth in the window of the cable car resulting in the water to drain and allowing May to have a fair battle.  
She saves Flannery, and brings her to a random spot on Mt. Chimmney to recover. When Flannery does feel better, they start heading back to Lavaridge then May tells Flannery that they can still stop Team Aqua, and Flannery scepticaly asks how they will get to the top of Mt. Chimmny, because walking will take more than a day. May says "Like this!" and she whistles and a Tropious comes flying out of the sky. She states that this pokemon is for her father's pokemon reserch for field study farther than walking distance, but she can still use him. The both fly up to the top of Mt. Chimmney and get intercepted by a Team Aqua Member on a Peliper. They then proced to have an areial battle. May wins but Team Aqua still manages to acomlish what they came to do. The volcano becomes inactive, and Team Aqua creates a diversion so they can excape. May runs after them into the hole in the ground Team Aqua flees to and a Member of Team Aqua attacks May and they uses Mirror Coat to trick her into letting them excape. It works, and wile May is still attacking the Mirror Coat, Flannery gets a suprise visitor from Team Magma by the name of Tabitha. He sees Flannery trying to help Mt.  
Chimmney be active again by having all three of her pokemon attack the crater with overheat, and decides to help. When he says hello Flannery jumps but Tabitha just walks over, sends out his pokemon and says "Charcoal always helps" and thows a piece of it into the crater as his pokemon uses a fire move. A huge explosion happens, but the volcano remains inactive. Tabitha says that if that didn't work, nothing will. He walks off with Flannery staring tranfixed at him as he leaves. That's about the time when may comes up out of the hole. May tells Flannery that they excaped and that she is sorry, but she tried and they tricked her. Flannery then starts explain that it is her duty as a gym leader to protect Lavaridge as well as the volcano, and that she thinks she has failed. May says that Flannery might have failed, but she still did her duties as best to her capibilities as she coud posibly do. Flannery says thanks, and they start walking and May spots a hot sprig that is still warm. May says somebody should use it because it will only be warm for a short while. They both enjoy the hot springs when one of them suggests a battle. Flannery has her Macargo battle May's Combuskin, the result is a tie with both pokemon and owners sweating and breathing hard. Flannery gives May the gym badge even though it was a tie. She tells May that she is a good trainer and to keep up the good work. They then part ways, May on Tropious, and Flannery waving her off.  
  Flannery is the 4th gym leader in the Hoenn region and she leads the Lavaridge Town gym. In the anime Flannery was chasing around a slugma, she was inexperienced and incapable of keeping the gym clean. Ash helped with cleaning up the gym, as well as Team Rocket, who were disguised as construction workers. However Flannery's grandfather saved the day and stopped Team Rocket from stealing Flannery's Torkoal, as a result of the battle Flannery's Slugma evolved into Marcargo. Ash beat Flannery using Corphish to win the Heat Badge.


  • Torkoal
  • Meg (Slugma)
  • Mag (Marcargo)
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Rio Natsuki
Lisa Ortiz
Rank Game #845 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Flannery
Name: アスナ
Romanji: Asuna
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05/04/1990
1st manga book: Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1
1st anime episode: Pokémon Advanced Generation #58
1st anime movie:
Aliases Her childhood nick-name is "Flanny".
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Attractive Female
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