Flamenco vs. Fake Flamenco

Flamenco vs. Fake Flamenco is an anime episode of Samurai Flamenco that was released on

Plot Summary

As videos of the mysterious Samurai Flamenco makes their rounds across the internet, especially in Japan, a tabloid news site offers one million yen for the true identity of the superhero. Meanwhile, Masayoshi's agent demands to know if he is Samurai Flamenco.

Later, during an appearance on a late-night talk show, the hosts claim to have found the identity of the superhero. An actor named Jouji Kaname appears, dressed as Samurai Flamenco and claiming to be the true hero.

Masayoshi wonders if he shouldn't just let Jouji take the name, but after a chat with Goto, decides to challenge Jouji to a duel. They meet on a closed stage, and after a brief fight, Masayoshi convinces Jouji that he is truly Red Axe, while Masayoshi owns Samurai Flamenco.

Later that night, Jouji admits he isn't Samurai Flamenco, but claims he is a student. On a nearby rooftop, Goto (disguised as Samurai Flamenco) appears while Masayoshi meets with his agent. Elsewhere, Mari Maya watches the footage and suspects that isn't the real Samurai Flamenco.


  • Japanese Name: "Furamenko VS Nisefuramenko" (フラメンコVSニセフラメンコ)
  • Opening Theme: "Just One Life", performed by Spyair
  • Ending Theme: "Dating TIME (デートTIME Date TIME)", performed by Mineral Miracle Muse (ミネラル☆ミラクル☆ミューズ Mineraru Mirakuru Myūzu), composed of Haruka Tomatsu, Erii Yamazaki and M・A・O

Characters & Voice Actors

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